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Problems Logging In?
Common Issues & Answers
I registered and logged in last month, but now the system won't let me in, even though I used the same user name and password. Instead, I see a message about insufficient information that tells me to call my agency, university or PEBB. What's the problem?
Just prior to Open Enrollment, PEBB added a new security process to increase the security of your information. Enabling the security process requires that you reset your password and provide a security question.
  • Call PEBB to get a temporary password: (503) 373-1102 in Salem or (800) 788-0520 statewide
  • Go back to pebb.benefits and enter your temporary password.
  • This will open a screen where you change your temporary password to your new, secure password; confirm your new password by entering it again.
  • This will open a screen where you will be prompted to create two security questions and their answers. That will give you access to the system and your record.
Should you forget your password in the future, you will be prompted to provide the answer to your first security question. You will have three attempts to enter the correct answer. After the third failed attempt, the system will lock your records and will refer you to PEBB. PEBB will then complete the verification process with you.

I've been a state employee for years, but when I try to register, the system says either that my record cannot be found or something about not enough information available. Why?
This can happen when you enter your registration information in a different format than is currently used in your system record. Check the following:
  • Tab through the fields, rather than using your mouse.
  • In the date-of-birth field, use hyphens (-) between date-month-year, not slashes. The year must include all four digits (such as -1953, not -53).
  • Do not use hyphens, spaces or slashes in your ID number field.
  • Do not use the space bar at the end of any field entry, including your name fields.
  • If you have a first or last name that could have a space between elements or different combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters (such as McDougal, Mc Dougal, Mcdougal) try entering it in each of these ways.
  • Try entering your name in uppercase letters. The system is case sensitive and has merged member names from many sources. Some sources may have used all uppercase for some member names.
If you still get an error message, contact your agency, university or PEBB. Select "Contact Us " from the menu on the left for phone numbers.