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Public Employees’ Benefit Board March 2014
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Heart Month Trivia Question: Who wrote “Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart”? 
– Cayet Mangiaracina, Gene Pitney

February - It's Heart Month in America
We shouldn’t let American Heart Month pass without paying tribute to the amazing mass of muscle and nerves that keeps each of us ticking -or without showing love for our neighbor by donating to the Oregon Food Bank during the Governor's & State Employees' Food Drive.

Check out the cool tools your health plan offers to help you
keep a healthy heart:
The Heart Month Nag

Too much body fat – especially around your middle – is hard on your heart. For help to eat well for heart health, click here.
Sitting too much (yes just sitting) is hard on the heart. If joining a gym might help you be more active, but you worry about the cost, click here.
Not controlling stress response can be hard on your heart-regulator(your brain). Try a mind-body tune up: click here (use code PEBB227).

Smoking kills hearts. For help to quit, click here.
Team support from family or co-workers could help you make a heart-saving change in your life. To learn more, click here.
Have a heart for kids in your community
All children need consistent, healthful nourishment for strong, healthy hearts. Some kids in Oregon don't always have this luxury.

Our health plans challenge you to Eat Well. Stop Hunger.
When you join the challenge, your health plan pledges a dollar (up to $15,000) to the Governor's & State Employees' Food Drive to stock community food pantries around the state. AND they provide you with information on eating well.
To join the challenge click here now!

Odyssey Health Innovations also gives a dollar to the Oregon Food Bank when you sign up for Healthy Team Health U. Click here for more.


Let me call you "Sweetheart" again, please?

For many couples, discussions about family finance that start like a hiccup can escalate to heart-attack proportions.

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers fully covered guidance from professional financial planners to help you and your spouse or partner learn to work through finances together - so your two hearts can race as one for all the right reasons. To learn more, click here.

Open Enrollment Corrections Period Closes
The end of February is the last day for University employees to correct enrollment errors they made during Open Enrollment last fall. Take a minute to look at your January or February pay statement to make sure your deductions match your enrollment choices.
The last day of February is also the last day PEBB can accept first-level appeals around completion of health assessments and enrollment in the 2014 Heath Engagement Model (HEM) during last Open Enrollment.