DAS General Services Building
1225 Ferry St SE, Ste B, Salem
PEBB Public Meeting Minutes
Fri., August 10, 2012; 3:00-4:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                      APPROVED - 20121120
NOTE:  Time codes for the audio stream (xx:xx:xx) are provided at the beginning of each section and at each action taken by the Board. Please refer to the audio recording of this meeting for additional details. Agenda items may be heard out of order.
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PEBB Board Members
Sean Kolmer, Chair
Peter Callero
Sen. Betsy Johnson, ex officio (absent)
Tom Jovick
Rep. Tina Kotek, ex officio (absent)
Diane Lovell, Vice Chair (excused)
Paul McKenna (by phone)
Mitch Morrow
Rich Peppers (by phone)
Jeanene Smith (excused)
PEBB Staff
Joan Kapowich
Kathy Loretz
Chérie Taylor
Megan Myrick, Willamette Dental
Cynthia Platonov, ODS
Diane Skutack, BHS
Marc Strickland, Regence
Sophary Sturdevant, Kaiser
Deborah Tremblay, OJD
Peter Wong, Statesman Journal
Kay Zimmerli, Kaiser
Mikel Gray, Mercer (by phone)
Final Rates
Retiree, COBRA, Self Pay Members in HEM
Written Public Comment
AUDIO STREAM: 00:00:00/26:13
Welcome (info)
Chair Kolmer called the meeting to order and welcomed members and attendees.
Final Rates (info/action: Bdatts.1/1a)
Administrator Kapowich discussed 2013 final rates and requested Board action on staff’s recommendation to include a 0.4% funding assessment on 2013’s final rates.
ACTION: Peter Callero moved to approve staff’s recommended assessment. The motion was seconded by Tom Jovick and unanimously approved by roll-called vote.
Retiree, COBRA, Self Pay Members in HEM (info/action: Bdatt.2)
Administrator Kapowich discussed HEM program participation requirements for these members and requested Board action on a two-part recommendation: 1) to send informational letters to these members regarding coverage and premium payments for plan year 2012, and; 2) to require these members to complete the same HEM program steps as active members for the 2013 plan year or, as an alternative, pay a $100 deductible in addition to plan deductibles already in place. These members would not receive a financial incentive to participate in HEM.
ACTION: The Board held this item over from its July 17, 2012 meeting, pending further staff review of the issues. Board action was not required for continuance of current policy on part one of staff’s recommendations. Rich Peppers moved to approve part two of staff’s recommendations. The motion, seconded by Tom Jovick, was unanimously approved in a roll-called vote by the Board.
Written Public Comment (on action items)
No written public comment was submitted to the Board.