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Public Employees' Benefit Board June 2013 
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Join us for a Webinar on Mindfulness Stress Reduction

Join Cascade Centers, June 19, 11 a.m.-noon PT, for a webinar on Mindfulness Stress Reduction, a proven technique to reduce stress. You'll get to participate in a meditation, so you can experience Mindfulness, not just get information on it. (Check with your manager about using work time for this Webinar.) 

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Postcard has facts on HEM health actions!

HEM participants, look for a postcard this week with the what, when and how on your two health actions. Here are the basics: you choose your health actions; you track them any way you want; no reporting involved..

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When to say "Whoa!" to doctors

Dr. John Santa, a physician himself as well as a former Board member, has collected recommendations from doctors to doctors about tests and treatments NOT to offer you - the patient.

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Board renews health plans with premiums flat for 2014

Premium rates for PEBB self-insured health plans in 2014 will be slightly lower than this year, and rates for the fully insured plans will go up less than 4 percent. With very few changes to plans and programs - including the health engagement model (HEM) - members should find it easier to choose plans and programs during the coming Open Enrollment.

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Patient centered primary care
Whether it's called "patient centered primary care home" or "medical home," the concept is the same - team-based coordinated care that focuses on you to make it easier for you to get well, be well and stay well.

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The single most important thing on stress!
Dr. Mike Evans brings us another engaging video-graphic lecture (remember "23 & 1/2 hours"?) - this time on dealing with stress in positive ways.

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