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Long-term Disability Insurance

Summary Information Only

This Web page presents summary information only. Any error or omission here is unintentional and will be resolved in favor of plan documents or applicable federal or state law or rule.

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Eligibility & Effective Dates

Only permanent PEBB-eligible employees may enroll in this benefit. Seasonal and intermittent employees are not eligible to enroll.

Effective Dates
If you enroll during Open Enrollment, your coverage becomes effective January 1 of the new plan year.
If you enroll outside of Open Enrollment, your coverage becomes effective the first of the following month.

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Description of Benefit

Description of Benefit 
The benefit covers a percentage of your monthly insured earnings. You determine the percentage when you choose from the four options. For long-term disability, the insured earnings amount is based on your monthly earnings in effect on your last full day of work. When your insured earnings increase (for example, with a pay increase), your premium rate increases. Insured earnings do not include overtime pay, bonuses, or dollars received when you opt out of medical coverage.

The maximum of insured earnings for long-term disability insurance is limited to $12,000. The maximum monthly benefit (before reduction of deductible income) is $7,200 if you choose option 1 or 2, or $8,000 if you choose option 3 or 4. The minimum is $50.
  • The maximum weekly benefit is $1,662 before reduction of deductible income.
Deductible income means other income you are eligible to receive because of your disability. This includes:
  • A portion of your earnings from work while disabled
  • Sick leave or other salary continuation, including donated leave (but not vacation or personal business leave)
  • A portion of the benefits you are eligible to receive under any other group disability program. This includes state disability income benefits from the Public Employees Retirement System
  • Workers’ compensation benefits
  • Social Security benefits payable to you and your dependents
  • For members employed by the Oregon University System, benefits you are eligible to receive under any employer-sponsored individual disability policy arranged for individuals in a common group
More Information

 ● Long Term Disability Insurance Certificate 
 ● More Information on Long-term Disability Insurance
 ● The Standard Insurance Company Website 
 ● Long Term Disability Claim Form 

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Duration of Benefit

Your maximum benefit period is determined by your age when disability begins, as follows: 

 61 or younger   To age 65, or 3 years 6 months, if longer
 62  3 years, 6 months
 63  3 years
 64  2 years, 6 months
 65  2 years
 66  1 year, 9 months
 67  1 year, 6 months
 68  1 year, 3 months
 69 or older  1 year

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Premium Rates

This insurance may replace a portion of your monthly income should you become disabled. You must self pay for this coverage; the state does not provide a benefit amount for this benefit. 

Long-term Disability Premium Rates
Premium = Rate X month salary
Option Rate  Waiting Period Coverage  Coverage Maximum/Minimum
1 $0.0051 90 days 60% of first $12,000 minus deductible income
$7,200 before reduction by deductible income/$50
2 $0.0018 180 days
3 $0.0106 90 days 66 2/3% of first $12,000 minus deductible income
$8,000 before reduction by deductible income/$50
4 $0.0027 180 days
Here is an example to illustrate your premium cost based on your choice of options:
You choose option 1 -- with a 90-day waiting period and a monthly benefit amount of 60 percent of your pre-disability earnings.

 Your gross monthly salary (before any deductions)  $1,900
 Times premium  X 0.0051
 Premium amount you pay each month  $9.69

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Waiting Period

This benefit has a waiting period. The waiting period is the amount of time you must wait before you start receiving a weekly payment after you become disabled. It is either 90 or 180 days, depending on the option you choose.              

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Tax Treatment

For this long-term disability insurance program, payroll deducts the monthly premium after taxes. However, any long-term disability dollars you receive through this benefit are not taxed.

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Additional Benefits

This plan offers additional benefits to help you return to work after you become disabled. Review the online plan certificate for information on these features.

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Pre-existing Condition Period

The plan will look back for evidence of a pre-existing condition if you file a long-term disability claim within 12 months of becoming insured. Otherwise, the plan will look back three months from the time you submit a claim. 


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Contact The Standard

Contact The Standard Insurance at: (800) 368-2859, or visit their website.

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