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PEBB Operations Subcommittee Meeting Minutes, July 8, 2008
Public Employees’ Benefit Board
Operations Subcommittee
Tuesday, July 8, 2008, 9:30 to 11 a.m. - Minutes
DAS/General Services Bldg/PEBB-OEBB Board Room
1225 Ferry St SE, Salem OR
The PEBB Board Meeting was recorded as a streaming video available for viewing here using RealPlayer. You may view the entire stream or advance the stream to the time code noted for that section. Video Stream  
Approved September 9, 2008

Subcommittee Members Present
Paul McKenna, Chair
Bret West
Rocky King
PEBB Staff Present
Wendy Edwards
Ed Deery
Isabel Joslen
Jordan Lewis
Lydia Lissman
Joan Kapowich
Ingrid Norberg
Margaret Smith-Isa
Larie Nicholas
Nicole Merrithew
Guests Present
Megan Myrick, Willamette Dental
Gordon Hoberg, ODS
Elizabeth Gartman, Samaritan
Sally Hill, Providence
Jean Poling, Kaiser
Dallas Weyand, LFO
Tamara Strauss, Samaritan
Call to Order and Approval of Minutes: May 13, 2008
PEBB Program Update
PEBB Plan Financial and Utilization Update
Note: Links to the PEBB Operations Subcommittee Meeting video are provided at the end of each section.
Call to Order and General Discussion
Paul McKenna called the meeting to order. He stated that Wendy Edwards would review the agenda. Wendy outlined the agenda. After approval of the minutes, the order of the agenda  reversed to accommodate Rocky King’s late arrival. Time would be allowed for public comment at the end of the meeting. 00:01:21 Video Stream
Approval of Minutes
Bret West moved to approve the May 13, 2008 meeting minutes.
Paul McKenna seconded the motion.
  • Hearing no further discussion, the motion passed unanimously. 00:01:39 Video Stream
PEBB Program Update
9:40 – 10:30
READI (info/discussion/no action:(Opsattach6 )
Margaret Smith-Isa
Lydia reminded the Board that READI has been implemented by Regence at the Board’s request. The Asheville, North Carolina model was followed. Bret asked about targets regarding the continuation of pilot. Margaret commented on incentives. Lydia indicated the topic will be on a future agenda, probably January 2009. Paul expressed concern about incorrect  phone numbers, asking about resolution. Margaret stated that this is typical of surveys and e-mail data is not available.
Back on Track (info/discussion/no action:(Opsattach7 )
Margaret Smith-Isa
The contractor, Health Dialog began sending more targeted information to high risk members in March and April. Bret West expressed surprise that the list of high utilization based on claims included Judicial Court Administration. Margaret highlighted the relationship of back pain to inactivity. There has been some coordination of the program with SAIF and the workers’ compensation system. 00:24:03 Video Stream
EAP (info/no action:(Opsattach8 )
Nicole Merrithew
54% of group services provided during the 2nd quarter of 2008 are for individuals, with an over all increase of 21% utilization from 2007. 00:27:50 Video Stream
Worksite Screenings (info/discussion/no action:(Opsattach.9 )
Adrienne Binam
The streamlined, new form has reduced the screening time to 15 minutes. The emphasis is on  “Know your numbers”, with 2 sessions already held in June. The cost of the tape measure is included in the rate.  Agencies contact Wellness 2000 and they determine where the screenings are scheduled. Lydia emphasized the increase in availability to 24/7 operations, including institutions and rural areas. The information compiled is fed back to the plans with an immediate follow-up to high risk members. 00:33:50 Video Stream
PEBB Plan and Utilization Update
10:30 – 10:55
Wendy Edwards explained that the update would be back and forth with Mercer’s participation via video conference.
Plan Year 2007 (info/discussion/no action:(Opsattach.2 )
Wendy Edwards
The report, prepared by Ed Deery, looks at PEBB experience and perspective, focusing on claim trends and medical loss ratio. Claims are increasing in all plans. The full Board will receive a report on national trends. Wendy stated that this report will build a foundation to move toward more informed decisions when negotiating. 00:53:20 Video Stream
1st Quarter 2008 (info/discussion/no action:(Opsattach.3 )
Sheree Swanson
The Mercer report is an indication of cost drivers and trends. It takes a quick look at aggregate, then utilization. Page 2 includes a demographic summary. It gives an opportunity to see how costs are changing for each type of service. The increase is very consistent from 06-07. 01:14:31 Video Stream
PEBB Experience & Trends (info/discussion/no action:(Opsattach4 )
Wendy Edwards
Kaiser Permanente is not included in the current report. Jean Poling of Kaiser responded that 09 claims should have a report. Rocky requested a per member, per month comparison between Samaritan and Providence. Bret asked how Samaritan is doing on reporting. Wendy stated that Samaritan is meeting deliverables. 01:21:00 Video Stream
2nd Quarter 2008(info/discussion/no action: (Opsattach.5 )
Sheree Swanson
The report is similar to Opsattach3, with the inclusion of  the 1st quarter of 2008. What stands out is the ER increase. Cost share is dropping. The member age is up and prescription utilization continues to be high. 01:25:40 Video Stream
Bret asked that bench mark information be included. Joan responded that Mercer will provide it in the future. Lydia stated that staff will provide a quarterly report to the Board.
Meeting Adjourned
No members appeared to present public comment.
Paul adjourned the meeting at 11:05 a.m.