Cost-sharing comparison tool for 2016 Oregon individual health insurance plans

This interactive Excel table provides consumer cost information on all individual health insurance plans offered through the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace website (the Marketplace) and all individual plans offered in Oregon outside the Marketplace. The table does not consider any tax credit or cost-share reduction that a consumer may be entitled to and does not include the cost-share plan variations for persons who are eligible for cost-share reduction.

Please read the information found in the Overview tab of the Excel table, to better understand how to use the Excel table and to note some of the tool’s limitations.

The data in the table came from plan and benefit documents filed with and approved by the Oregon Insurance Division. The data has been confirmed as accurate by the insurers. However, this table is intended to be used as a tool to increase the efficiency of comparing plans and the total cost of coverage. It does not address every claims payment situation and cannot substitute for coverage detailed in the insurance policy. For specific policy questions, please contact the insurer.

Download the tool here:
Cost-sharing comparison tool​​​​​​

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