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Multicultural Communications Program
Our Mission: To promote, guide, and enhance the delivery of all DCBS services to Oregon’s multicultural communities.
In late 1996 DCBS felt there was a need to have a broader outreach to the Latino community, the Latino Communications Project (LCP) was initiated in the spring of 1997. The success of LCP and the continued growth of multicultural populations in Oregon resulted in DCBS making the outreach project a permanent program. DCBS has shown a commitment to diversity with its Multicultural Communications Program (MCP), which was established in 1999 to continue providing quality customer service to Oregon’s multicultural communities.
  • The CTS Language Link Service is the interpretation service established through MCP with a language interpretation service contractor that provides interpretive services for over 240 languages. For a guide on how use the interpretation service please visit the MCP Web Site.
  • The toll-free Spanish telephone line makes it possible for Spanish-speaking customers to communicate with the department’s divisions by contacting the Director’s Office. Calls can then be transferred to the responsible division. The number is 800-843-8086.
  • MCP established the Volunteer Resource Language Bank to provide DCBS staff with names and telephone numbers of employees who speak a second language and to make sure that customer service is continuously made a priority. The list is continuously updated.
  • The MCP manager coordinates and/or performs language translation and interpretation services for the agency, and also updates, reviews, edits, and maintains written materials as needed. Agency forms and literature are currently available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Russian. Over 300 documents have been translated.
  • We have advertisements listing DCBS services in the Spanish Yellow Pages, and the Spanish Business Directory. Yearly circulation of these directories is more than 250,000.
  • The MCP also presents the “Radio to the Community” series. These are radio programs aired on 5 Spanish language radio stations through the state. The programs are broadcast from May to November.
  • The MCP coordinates the broadcasting of the Spanish PSAs series in Univision (Spanish TV). The PSAs are 30-second commercials regarding the services that DCBS divisions provide. These are broadcast from June through December.
  • The MCP coordinates the publication of articles in the Asian Reporter, El Centinela, (Spanish newspaper) and Our News (Russian newspaper.) Each month we publish an article featuring DCBS divisions. These newspapers are widely distributed among the Asian population and the Russian and Spanish speaking communities.
  • Outreach and distribution of informational materials to LEP communities through partnerships with other state and local government agencies, non-profit agencies, associated service providers, community outreach presentations and programs, field visits, etc.
  • A database has been created for evaluating and monitoring the success of the MCP outreach efforts. Seven divisions report to the Director’s Office the number of monthly Limited English Proficient (LEP) contacts received.
  • We have seen increasing numbers of contacts from LEP customers regarding DCBS services. In 1997, 50 contacts were recorded. In 2009 the total of LEP contacts was 6,210.
  • Periodic publication of news releases and articles regarding our department's services in Spanish-language newspapers.
  • MCP developed a Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese workers’ compensation glossary of terms to assist translators. These glossaries are available on the WCD, Oregon OSHA and MCP Web sites.
  • MCP distributes informational materials to LEP communities through partnerships with other government community outreach presentations, field visits, and programs.
  • The MCP committee developed and produced “El Mercado DCBS” television series depicting DCBS services. Nine programs were produced in Spanish, 174 copies have been distributed to community access cable stations throughout the state. These videos are available at the DCBS Oregon OSHA Library.
  • The MCP developed a working relationship with the Mexican Consulate by joining its statewide tours. We created the program "Carrousel of Information" in which, more than 20 state, federal, local agencies and nonprofit organizations share information about their services with Spanish speaking residents at locations across the state.
  • In 2000 the attendance at the Mobile Consulate/Carrousel of Information sessions was approximately 2,680. In 2003 it was 5,230. In 2005 seventeen sessions were offered, attracting over 7,500 people. Because this event began to attract so many people, an appointment system was instituted in mid 2005. This system limited the number of people who could attend and restricted the event to Mexican nationals. For that reason state agencies no longer participate in the consulate’s tours. Instead, we look for alternative events and other outreach mechanisms to reach a wider Spanish speaking population. However, information regarding our services continues to be distributed at these events by agency outreach partners such as DOJ and BOLI.
  • If you have questions regarding MCP please contact Ruth Kemmy at 503-947-7513.