The Workers' Compensation Management-Labor Advisory Committee (MLAC) provides an effective forum for business and labor to meet, explore, and resolve issues involving the workers’ compensation system. Workers' compensation issues are often adversarial, creating uncertainty for both workers and employers. The Oregon Legislature created the committee as part of the reform of the workers' compensation system in 1990.

Members of MLAC – who represent both business and labor – are committed to a common set of values:

  • Balance and fairness
  • Adequacy of benefits — benefits commensurate with the severity of injury
  • Affordability — a system that contributes to a healthy Oregon business climate
  • Efficiency — a system that is streamlined and easy to use
  • Stability and flexibility — a system stable enough to be predictable that is flexible enough to change when necessary

Ex-officio member
Patrick Allen, director, Department of Consumer and Business Services

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Theresa Van Winkle, administrator​