Who can​ I treat with?

Unless your insurer has enrolled you in a managed care organization (MCO), you can treat with any health care provider who qualifies as an attending physician under Oregon law. Your employer cannot choose your health care provider for you.

Some medical providers are limited in how long they may treat you and authorize time-loss benefits. Your health care provider should tell you if there are any limits to the length of time he or she can authorize time-loss benefits or the services he or she can provide. 

Health care provider types​​ 

Can I change a​ttending physicians?

Yes. After your initial selection, you can change your attending physician two times. More changes require approval from the insurer or the Workers’ Compensation Division. If you change health care providers, fill out Form 827 at your new attending physician's office and check the box “Notice of change of attending physician.” Your new attending physician should send Form 827 to your insurer.

I’m havin​g trouble finding an attending physician. How do I find a medical provider who is willing to treat me?

Your family physician or primary care physician may be willing to treat you or refer you to a medical provider that will coordinate care for your work injury. Urgent care clinics or occupational medicine clinics often treat people with work injuries.  

If you have been enrolled in a managed care organization (MCO), the MCO will provide resources to help you find an attending physician.​​​


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