Key information

  • Course providers must renew their registration every two years. SBS sends provider renewal notices.
  • Courses expire two years from the month of approval. No renewal reminders are mailed to providers for courses.
  • All course registration requests must be received 10 days before the course date to be eligible for review, and 60 days before the course date to ensure approval before that course date.
  • All course times, dates, and locations must be submitted through SBS 10 days before the course.
  • Course topics must fall within the guidelines of OAR 836-071-0230. Sales and marketing classes are not eligible for credit.
  • Each lecture hour of CE credit must have a minimum of 50 minutes of instruction. We do not approve "half" increments such as 5.5 hours.
  • Certificates of completion must include the following:
    • Agent's name
    • Course title
    • Course registration number
    • Course date
    • Credit hours approved
    • Authorized signature of provider on file with the Insurance Division
  • Agency management courses are limited to a maximum of four hours per renewal period. These courses must have some consumer benefit and be unique to the insurance industry.
  • Law courses must provide information relating to Oregon legislation, laws, rules, or case law. General law and federal law do not qualify for Oregon law credit.

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Course topic guidelines
OAR 836-071-0230  topic guidelines

Course advertising

You cannot advertise courses before the Insurance Division approves them.