Report course completion throug​h SBS

Continuing education providers must report course completion information directly to the Insurance Division through the SBS tool Online Continuing Education (OCE). Go to the Insurance Educator Provider Login page to get started.

Through OCE, course providers are able to:

  • Submit course applications 
  • Submit course offerings (or schedules) 
  • Upload course rosters 
  • View detailed provider information 
  • Submit instructor applications 
  • Upload attachments to pending courses 

Provider course numbers changed, but provider numbers stayed the same.

Course rosters submitted through SBS cost $1 per credit hour, per student.

There are two ways to process rosters:

  • The File Transfer method (this is best for large volume rosters).
  • The Input Course Roster method, which works great for classes with smaller student participation or for adding one or more students to an existing roster. 

Both of the course roster processing methods happen in real time - no delay in posting. Go to the Insurance Educator Provider Login page. After logging in to the Welcome page, you will find a link to the Users Guide.​​