Oregon uses NAIC guidelines

Oregon follows the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' (NAIC) Recommended Guidelines for Online Courses.

The division uses these guidelines, plus standards outlined in Oregon Administrative Rule 836-071-0225, in approving online continuing education (CE) course submissions:

  • Require each agent to enroll for the course before having access to course material.
  • Prevent access to the course exam before review of the course materials.
  • Prevent downloading of any course exam.
  • Provide review questions at the end of each unit/chapter and prevent access to the final exam until each set of questions are answered at a 70 percent rate.
  • Provide final exam questions that do not duplicate unit/chapter questions.
  • Prevent alternately accessing course materials and course exams.
  • Have monitor affidavit containing specific monitor duties and responsibilities printed for monitor's use to direct the taking of the final exam. Monitor will complete the affidavit after the exam is completed.

All continuing education course providers are strongly encouraged to adhere to these guidelines.ā€‹ā€‹