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Can I share commissions?
Commission may be shared but only when the activity of sharing commission is in compliance with all other licensing law including ORS 744.053 and ORS 744.056.
Can Commissions be paid to an unlicensed person?
Yes, however an insurer or insurance producer may not pay a commission, service fee, brokerage or other valuable consideration to a person for selling, soliciting or negotiating insurance, either for new business or a renewal, if that person is required to be licensed as an insurance producer and is not so licensed.
An insurer or insurance producer may pay or assign commissions, service fees, brokerages or other valuable consideration to an insurance agency or to persons who do not sell, solicit or negotiate insurance in this state, except when the payment or assignment would violate ORS 746.045 or 746.055.
Can I offer a gift to potential clients?
Yes, as long as the gift is not conditional upon the recipient applying for, purchasing, renewing, or increasing the insurance. There is no limit on the value or type of gift. ORS 746.045 would prohibit a producer or insurer from offering a gift only to those that purchase a policy.


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