These instructions apply to resident agents. Nonresidents apply at A letter of certification is required if you are not listed on the NAIC Producer Database or the license shows as inactive.

To apply as a resident agent

  • Complete 20 hours pre-license training, per line of authority​.
  • Schedule and pass the required examinations. See PSI's website for information.
  • Have your fingerprints digitally scanned at the testing center.
  • After you pass exams for all license classes of interest, apply online at

You must supply business and residence phone numbers on the application. If these are the same number, put that number in both fields to continue.


The business entity (agency) also must file an Affiliation of Producer within 30 days.

Adding classes of insurance

An additional application and fees are required to add classes of insurance to an existing license. However, an additional background check is not required to add lines of authority to an existing license.

Agent transfers from another state

Transferring agents cannot apply online. Contact us at We will email an application with instructions.

If you apply within 90 days of establishing residency in Oregon, no exam or prelicense training is required for the lines you were licensed for in the previous home state.


  • Adjusters who are transferring always need to take the exam.
  • Applicants for variable life must be licensed as a securities dealer in Oregon.


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