Special Notice

Due to technical issues at NIPR, Oregon resident producers with licenses that are already expired cannot renew at NIPR until July 18th. Please call us for options at: (503) 947-7981

This applies to Oregon Resident Producers only.

Renewal notices sent by email

Most license types renew online at NIPR.com.

  • A license issued to an individual insurance agent expires biennially in the month of the individual's birthday anniversary.
  • You will not be able to renew until your CE is in your transcript.  CE providers have, by Oregon law, 15 days to enter your credits. Updates to your transcript take at least 24 hours to register with NIPR.  Maximum credit for one day is 8 hours. Renewals must be done electronically and can be done through NIPR.com.
  • All agency licenses expire two years from the month the license was first issued on the last day of the month.
  • Consultants must provide proof of E&O insurance. We require the name of the provider and the expiration date. The proof must state that consulting activities are covered, and the policy must be for at least $500,000 per occurrence.
  • Renewal notices are emailed to the individual or business email address on file.
  • All renewal notices are emailed approximately 90 days before the license expiration date.
  • If you have not received your renewal notice 30 days before your expiration date, call or email us to verify that your information is on file. Your renewal notice is not required to renew the license.

​Third-party administrators and adjusters without a home state​

Individuals and businesses both renew at www.statebasedsystems.com.

  • Under State Services, choose Oregon.
  • Click on Third Party Administrators without a Home State Renew Here or,
  • further down the page, Nonresident Adjusters Without a Home State Renew Here.

How do third party administrators without a home state renew?

  • Individuals: The user name is your NPN plus enough zeroes in front to equal 10 digits. Use your NPN for the password. 
  • Businesses: The user name is your license number. If your number is fewer than 10 characters, enter enough zeroes in front to make it 10 characters. For example, if your license number is "12345," enter "0000012345." Use your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for the password.​


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