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If you have problems with an insurance company or agent, complete a complaint form so we can look into the situation.

We are not attorneys and cannot act as your legal representative. However, we can determine whether the company or agent is following insurance laws and your policy. Results vary from explaining a situation to getting a claim paid.

What happens once I file complaint?

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Our system is temporarily unable to accept supporting documents submitted with the electronic complaint form. Please fax any supporting documents to us at (503) 378-4351, or email to: Please include the tracking ID number for your complaint on any documents you send us.

If the system has given you a “Logged off” message, please do not try resubmitting your complaint and documents. Fax or email us the documents along with the tracking ID number for your original complaint submission.

We apologize for this inconvenience. If you have any questions or need help, you can call 1-888-877-4894.


Nuestro sistema no está disponible temporalmente para aceptar documentos de apoyo sometidos con la forma de denuncia eléctronica. Por favor envíenos por fax cualquier documento de apoyo al (503) 378-4351, o por correo eléctronico: . Por favor incluya el numero de seguimiento de su denuncia en cualquier documento que nos envíe.

Si el sistema le ha dado un mensaje que la sesíon ha terminado, por favor no trate de reenviar su denuncia y documentos. Envíenos los documentos por fax ó correo eléctronico junto con el numero de seguimiento para la submission de su denuncia original.

Nos diculpamos por este incoveniente. Si tiene cualquier pregunta ó necesita ayuda, puede llamar al 1-888-877-4894.

Medical providers

If you have an issue with:
  • One insurer and multiple patients: Contact our office for directions. 1-888-877-4894.
  • In-network providers: Contact your provider relations representative first. If you cannot resolve the problem, complete the complaint form.
  • Out-of-network providers: Complete the complaint form.



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