Health insurance

Health insurance helps pay your medical bills when you seek medical care. Your insurance policy outlines what your plan covers and how you share costs with the insurance company.

For more about cost-sharing and what your plan covers, read our Consumer Guide to Health Insurance:

When you can enroll

Open enrollment is the one time during the year when you can change plans, change insurance companies, or choose to stay with the plan you have. Open enrollment will occur every year in the fall. Watch for the dates. During this time, you can change plans for the next year, change insurance companies, or stay with the plan you have.

You can enroll at other times if you experience a "triggering event." Examples include loss of comprehensive coverage, getting married, having or adopting a child, newly gaining citizenship, moving, and a change in income that makes you eligible for financial help.


People who are eligible for Medicaid (Oregon Health Plan) can apply at any time.

Employer coverage

Ask your human resources staff when your open enrollment occurs at work.



Connect with an insurance expert.


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