​Filing requirements​


Current plan templates can be found at www.serff.com/hix.htm​

  1. Plan and Benefits Template
  2. Administrative Data Template
  3. Network Template
  4. Service Area Template
  5. Essential Community Providers Template
  6. Rate Data Template (individual only)
  7. Business Rules Template (individual only)

Submission Requirements:

  1. Binder Cover letter
  2. Certificate of Compliance: Word,   PDF
  3. Essential Community Provider Supplemental Response Form
  4. Product Standards: Word, PDF?
  5. Program Attestations for SBE Issuers
  6. Partial County Service Area Justification
  7. Stand-Alone Dental Plans-Disclosure of Attribution and Allocation Methods
  8. SADP Actuarial Value Supporting Documentation and Justification

Note: Link source provided when possible.


Current filing forms

Helpful hints
Associations, Trusts and Discretionary Groups

Effective July 1, 2007, Oregon law changed the division's regulation of Associations, Trusts, and MEWAs. Refer to detailed filing requirements on the links below.