Surplus lines insurance

The surplus lines market ensures that Oregonians can obtain coverage if they are turned down for insurance in the regular market. Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 735.400-735.495 govern surplus lines.

Surplus line insurers are not required to be licensed in Oregon or file rates with the state. However, the Insurance Division must determine they are eligible before any coverage is placed.

Insurers on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners quarterly Listing of Alien Insurers are considered eligible in Oregon.

Insurance through a surplus line insurer is not protected by the Oregon Insurance Guaranty Association.

All coverage in this market must be placed through a resident or nonresident insurance agent who is licensed for "surplus lines."

The Surplus Line Association of Oregon advises the Oregon Insurance Division and collects surplus lines taxes. Visit for information on:

  • Filing forms
  • Insurers (eligible list)
  • Licensed agents/agencies

Eligibility, agent for service of process and other information