Bulletins related to mental health parity

On November 14, 2014, the Insurance Division issued two bulletins to clarify the division's interpretation of the requirement that Oregon health insurers, including health care service contractors, provide coverage of mental and nervous conditions. The first bulletin, INS 2014-1, sets out general guidance for policies and claims handling of any mental or nervous condition. The second bulletin, INS 2014-2 focuses specifically on the treatment of autism spectrum disorders and applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy, but relies on the foundation guidance set forth in INS 2014-1 for mental health parity generally.

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Bulletin INS 2014-1: Mental health parity

Bulletin INS 2014-2: ABA therapy

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Bulletin INS 2014-1: (Second draft)

Bulletin INS 2014-1: (First draft)

Bulletin INS 2014-2: (Second draft)

Bulletin INS 2014-2: (First draft)

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