2007 Legislation

House bills

HB 2007 (ch 99) Domestic partnerships

HB 2007 recognizes and authorizes domestic partnerships in Oregon. The bill defines a domestic partnership to mean a civil contract entered into in person between two individuals of the same sex who are at least 18 years of age, who are otherwise capable and at least one of whom is a resident of Oregon. Section 9, ch. 99, Oregon Laws 2007 states the general scope of legal rights and responsibilities to which domestic partnerships are subject.

Effective: Jan. 1, 2008.

HB 2104 (ch 539) Unclaimed property held by insurers and others; reduction dormancy period and notice

HB 2104 reduces the dormancy period for unclaimed property held by insurance companies, financial institutions, and intangible equity interests, from five years to three years. This bill also changes the notification requirement from the holder of unclaimed property, replacing the requirement of notice by certified mail to notice by first class mail.

HB 2221 (ch 272) Discount medical plan organizations; licensing, consumer disclosures

HB 2221 establishes a licensing program in DCBS for discount medical plan organizations. These organizations contract with health care providers and provider networks for medical and related services to give consumers access, for a fee, to discounted services from the providers. The bill requires the plans to provide detailed consumer information. An organization must have a written contract with providers or provider networks who provide services at a discount, must provide a free-look period for purchasers of plans with a 30-day right to cancel and a toll-free customer assistance number, and must comply with refund requirements, advertising restrictions and disclosure standards.

HB 2221 took effect June 1, 2007. The licensing program goes into operation July 1, 2008.

HB 3386 (ch 686)​ Vehicle theft protection product warranty program

HB 3386 creates a warranty program for vehicle theft protection products, administered by DCBS. The bill requires any person doing business as a warrantor of a vehicle theft protection product to register with DCBS and requires the seller or warrantor of the product to furnish the consumer a copy of the warranty.

The registration program begins operation July 1, 2008.