We appreciate all the work our volunteers do in their communities. If you have had contact with one of our volunteers and would like to recognize them here for exceptional work, fill out the form below and we will include them on this page.

Date: 7/2/13
Name: Kathy Thomas
Volunteer name: Sally Peatow
County: Umatilla
Sally recently volunteered to take on the coordinator's position and already we have seem positive changes. She is especially dedicated to providing quality service and really cares about our clients...and our volunteers. Thank you Sally.

Date: 7/3/13
Name: Debbie Mode
Volunteer name: Judy Riggs
County: Linn
Judy Riggs has been a tremendous help in Linn County. Judy's regular counseling location is Albany – due to gaps in coverage in the county she has been willing to travel to Lebanon and Sweet Home and help clients in those areas also. I really appreciate her taking the extra time and incurring the expense to travel to the outlying regions. She is an excellent team player.

Date: 7/9/13
Name: Pam Cooper
Volunteer name: Bill Newell
County: Jackson
Very good at explaining all the components of Medicare!

Date: 7/15/13
Name: Frances Grimshaw
Volunteer name: Pat Zimmerman
County: Columbia
Pat has helped me beyond belief. I was told a long time ago that I did not qualify for extra help and talking with Pat (via phone) she informed me other wise. She has helped me to understand how much help there really is and to get me started how to fill out the forms etc. I still have to call her from time to time for advice or something I have forgotten. (Which happens a lot) I'm so thankful to have her as a counselor and to know that if I ever need any assistance with anything that have Pat to rely on. A gold star goes to this lady!

Date: 8/20/13
Name: Carol Burks
Volunteer name: All Volunteers I have spoke with
County: All
Every volunteer I have spoke with has been amazing! I always hear good things about you from prospective members. Keep up the great work!

Date: 10/31/13
Name: Sam Likens
Volunteer name: Bill Schnautz
County: Douglas
Bill has become such a strong resource for his fellow team members. I appreciate his patience and generosity of time and spirit.​