Oregon Employers Trust

July 26, 2013

The Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) has notified the Oregon Employers Trust, Inc., of potential decertification as a self-insured group if the trust fails to increase its security deposit by Aug. 7. The security deposit helps ensure the trust can meet its obligations to pay benefits to workers facing job-related injuries or illnesses.

If the trust fails to provide an adequate deposit, it would stop operating as a self-insured group effective Aug. 8, 2013. This means:
  • Employer members would need to have other workers’ compensation insurance effective Aug. 8 to comply with state law.
  • Employers who lack workers’ compensation coverage are still liable to pay any work-related claims for injury or illness.
  • OET members and former members would be liable for claims incurred during the trust’s existence. If the security deposit and other assets fail to cover all claims for benefits, members will have to pay.
Key information


Who can help you find coverage?

The simplest way to purchase a workers’ compensation policy is from an Oregon-authorized insurance company with the effective date of Aug. 8, 2013. If you have questions, these staff members can help.

What if I get turned down for coverage?


Oregon employers who are turned down by one insurer are eligible to apply to the Oregon Assigned Risk Plan. You may apply directly to the plan by calling the NCCI at 800-622-4123. Press 3 after the voicemail greeting for Assigned Risk Inquiries, and then 2 for assistance with your residual market application.

To apply online, Press 7 for the Products and Services Department and then 1 for assistance to set up a password and user ID. This will allow you to apply online on www.NCCI.com. Your insurance agent should also be able to help with your application.