Your rights with insurance sales people

State and federal rules protect you against abuses in the marketing and sales of Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare prescription drug plans. Individuals who contact you about any type of private Medicare coverage...


  • Be licensed by the state. The Division of Financial Regulation can tell you whether an agent is licensed: 1-888-877-4894 (toll-free).
  • Have an appointment to come to your home. They may not knock on your door unless you give them permission.
  • Tell you in advance the type of insurance that will be discussed during a scheduled sales appointment. At the appointment, they cannot try to sell you other types of insurance.

May not

  • Try to sell you non-health types of insurance (such as life insurance or an annuity).
  • Try to sell you insurance in certain health care settings, such as a doctor’s office or a pharmacy.
  • Try to sell you a plan at an educational event.
  • Offer you free meals at sales events.
  • Offer you gifts with a value of more than $15.

If you have a complaint about someone trying to sell you one of these types of Medicare insurance, contact the Division of Financial Regulation at 1-888-877-4894 (toll-free).


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