Data and Reports

These databases are available for your review and are intended as a starting point in your research. The databases are also not intended as a legal resource. The information and data within the databases are provided with the understanding that conclusions drawn from such information are the responsibility of the user.


  • Enforcement Actions
    Formal enforcement actions that include date, respondent name, location, inspector, penalty and violation
  • Heating Oil Tanks Decommissioned List
    This database is a searchable format of DEQ’s Heating Oil Tank voluntary decommission registration list.  These sites are decommissioning projects certified by a licensed service provider or homeowner.

Mapping applications

  • E-Cycles Collection Sites
    Find an Oregon E-Cycles collection site.  Oregon E-Cycles collection sites provide FREE recycling of computers, monitors and televisions to anyone bringing seven or fewer items for recycling at one time.