Child Safety Plan

Agenda, 3-3-20172/28/2017
Agenda, 5-10-175/2/2017
Audio Recording of 09-19-17 Steering Team Meeting9/19/2017
Audio recording of March 3, 2017 meeting3/3/2017
Audio recording of May 10, 2017 meeting5/10/2017
Child safety reflections - what DHS is doing well for child safety5/16/2017
November Child Safety Implementation Steering Team Meeting Agenda11/15/2017
Proposed Steering Team Charter3/7/2017
September 2017 Child Safety Steering Team Meeting Agenda9/19/2017
September 2017 Steering Team Presentation9/19/2017
Stakeholder one page overview5/23/2017
Steering Team Charter, Final5/2/2017
Steering Team Presentation - Nov. 15, 2017.pdf11/15/2017
Steering Team Presentation March 3, 20173/7/2017
Steering Team Presentation, July 21, 20177/20/2017
Steering Team Presentation, May 10, 20175/10/2017
Steering Team Roster12/4/2017