Frequently Asked Questions  

What form does a client use to report a vehicle or personal injury accident?  
Vehicle accidents are reported on the DHS451 and personal injury accidents are reported on the 451NV. Once completed, the client sends this form directly to PIL.    

Why does the client have to fill out the DHS451 or DHS451NV form?   
Clients are required to report all potential resources as a condition of Medicaid eligibility.    

What will happen if I don't fill out the DHS451 form?  
If a client refuses to cooperate it could affect their eligibility.   

Why does a client have to fill out the DHS451 if their car insurance is paying their medical bills?   
It is a Federal requirement that the state pursue recoveries from third party payers. In addition, there may be services provided that Medicaid would pay for that the car insurance does not cover.  

Why does a client have to report an injury that occurred before they were on Medicaid?  
If the claim/suit is still open and the client is being treated for accident related injuries, Medicaid can file a lien for any services that we pay for that are related to the injury.   

The client reported an accident to their caseworker, but the client has not returned the DHS451 form. Can the form be submitted without the client’s signature?   
PIL does not require a signed form. If the client has reported an accident or personal injury a caseworker may fill out the 451 with as much information as possible. PIL will research the incident.   

Are attorneys from other states required to notify PIL prior to settling a claim if an Oregon Medicaid client has an accident or injury in another state?   
Yes. The rules that govern Oregon Medicaid clients apply to our clients even if the accident happens in another state.   

If a client is enrolled in DMAP contracted managed care plan does their attorney also represent DHS?  
No. DHS liens are separate from any lien that may be filed by an attorney. DHS is solely represented by the Department of Justice.   

If a client’s attorney notifies the Coordinated Care Organization (CCO), do they also have to notify the Personal Injury Liens Unit? 
Yes, both the CCO and Medicaid may have each paid claims or the client may have been enrolled in more than one CCO. 

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