DHS News

Gene Evans, DHS Public Affairs Director
Phone: (503) 269-7950
E-mail: gene.evans@state.or.us

Child Welfare
Andrea Cantu-Schomus, Communications Officer
Phone: (503) 569-1123
E-mail: andrea.cantu-schomus@state.or.us

Employment First
Angela Yeager, Communications Officer
​Desk: (503) 945-5664
Cell: (503) 507-3479
E-mail: angela.yeager@state.or.us​

Central/Shared Services
Christine Stone, Communications Officer 

(503) 602-8027
E-mail: christine.l.stone@state.or.us 

Office of Developmental Disabilities and Vocational Rehabilitation
Sherryll Hoar, Communications Officer
Phone : (503) 779-9317
E-mail: sherryll.j.hoar@state.or.us

Aging & People with Disabilities
Tom Peine, Communications Officer
Phone: (971) 718-1701
E-mail: thomas.peine@state.or.us

Executive Support for Public Affairs Team
Sara Keck
Phone: (971) 707-1435
Email: sara.keck@state.or.us