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Vendor contract and procurement processes

VR is subject to established DHS contract and procurement processes and limitations. Some services and supplies must be obtained through contractual relationships while others may be obtained outside a formally negotiated contract. Find more information for vendors.

Job placement service contractors

The Department of Human Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Office, is issuing Request for Applications (RFA) #4059 for Job Placement and other related services. The RFA may be viewed and downloaded from the Oregon Procurement Information Network website.

Once there, access to the RFA may be obtained by logging in to the web-based application, or if not currently registered, through “Supplier Registration” (guidelines for registration are attached) and then through searching “Browse Opportunities,” specifically searching for “RFA #4059.”

For any questions related to the RFA or this communication, please contact Steve Phillips through follow-up correspondence or by calling directly at 503-945-6173. For any concerns with the OPRIN application or for assistance, please contact the OPRIN help desk at 503-373-1774. 


Job Development Forms Webinar​

Job Development Forms Overview Webinar​​

Required VR Job Placement Services Forms

VR Job Placement Services Reference Forms

BEST Training 2016


Registration for the contract training requirement of Employment Professionals (EOPII)

Access the DHS Learning Center​ to see class schedules and information or to register. Once your "Learner Profile" is established with the Learning Center, select:

  1. Courses and registration
  2. Find a course and register
  3. Type "VR" in the keyword field
  4. Finish registering for the course(s) you want to take.

Need more help?

Download the Learning Center Registration Instructions.


Information about VR Internships and Application Process.

Tribal VR Programs

Listing of statewide Tribal VR Programs​​​​​​​​​​​​​