Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Major change is happening in Oregon's system that supports individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD). Many of these efforts are connected so they are pulled together into this one project.

What is the Compass Project?

We are reorienting the I/DD system, bringing the system closer to its person-centered core values. 

The Compass Project title was selected because a compass is a well-known symbol for orienting toward a specific direction. 

The point to which we are aiming is a person-centered planning process that leads people toward a whole life in the community — this is our North Star.


12/1/2017Compass Project update: A pause on some items
10/31/2017Compass Project Update: Next steps for the Oregon Needs Assessment
9/25/2017Launch of strategic planning process and introducing the Compass Project

The Compass Project includes

  • Strategic planning. It's time to build on previous planning work to develop a new strategic plan. The outcome of this strategic planning will be a clear, simple to understand, actionable plan that the I/DD system can align its efforts around.

  • Service planning. The way people's needs are assessed is changing for the better. The individual planning process is being revised to refocus on individual strengths, community engagement, personal goals and outcomes. This part of the project includes the Oregon Needs Assessment (ONA) and the Individual Support Plan (ISP) processes.

  • Rates. ODDS is updating its rate model for providers, which hasn't been done since 2007. It's time for an overall re-look at those rates.

  • Waivers and rules. Waiver and rule changes are necessary to give ODDS the flexibility it needs to manage the system and meet budget restrictions. Current waivers will be separated into one for adults and one for children to age 18.

    We are seeking public comment on the ODDS 1915(b)(4) waiver renewal. The 1915(b)(4) waiver renewal is requesting to add 1915(k) to the 1915(b)(4) waiver renewal to limit case management entities (CMEs) and assessment providers. Comments are due no later than March 30, 2018.​

  • We are seeking public comment regarding proposed Comprehensive and Support Services waiver amendments. This CMS submission includes reorganization of the existing 1915 (c) Waivers into a Child Waiver and an Adult Waiver. This new structure will simplify and streamline the federal authorities under which I/DD services are provided in Oregon and will allow ODDS to tailor services to children and adults in the future. Those changes, and changes to the K-Plan, are described in the following documents:

        • Exceptions and due process. The individuals we support have rights to due process. This part of the project will define when people are eligible for exceptions and how to file them, as well as the standard hearings and appeal rights and process.​​​​