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Diversity and Inclusion From the Governor's Office

Welcome to the Department of Corrections Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
Diversity recognizes and values our individual differences and Inclusion brings us together to become a high performing, cohesive group. The department knows that a fully engaged and empowered workforce is more productive, creative, and satisfied. To that end, the department is committed to embracing diversity and enhancing inclusion.
In 2013 Director Colette S. Peters appointed Gary Sims as the Administrator of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Under Mr. Sims’ leadership the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council was formed. The council combines a wide variety of knowledge, experience, and perspectives into one dedicated taskforce. From curriculum advisement and development to utilizing best practices in the creation of new diversity initiatives, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is committed to the department’s most valuable resource: our staff.

​ From the Director's Office
A Message from the Director​'s Office
"It is known that diversity and inclusion help drive performance, productivity, and mission success. Led by Gary Sims, Administrator of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Department of Corrections is developing a strategic plan along with our CORE initiative that will help create an organizational culture that respects and values diversity. This plan recognizes that diversity and inclusion are critical to the Department’s continued success.
The Department of Corrections is committed to helping our staff achieve their full potential. It is through our staff that we are able to provide the citizens of Oregon the highest levels of customer service.
Our goal is to create a climate of inclusion where mutual respect and understanding enable collaboration and problem solving for staff at all levels and where ​individuals are valued for their unique contributions. I envision our workforce populated by skilled and dedicated staff members who reflect all the best characteristics of Oregon’s talented and diverse population."

Peters, ODOC Director

"The Oregon Department of Corrections continues to develop strategies that further support diversity and inclusion practices within our agency. I look forward in my role as Interim Deputy Director to help facilitate finding avenues to promote a work environment that recognizes and respects a workforce that is diverse in nature, and whose individual differences, life experiences and culture provides a pathway to mold into a cohesive workforce that allows us to perform at the highest level of professionalism and efficiencies as we fulfill our agency’s mission.”

​Brian Belleque, ODOC Deputy Director

Department of Corrections Diversity and Inclusion Staff ​





Gary Sims, MBA, M.A.Ed.., M.Div.
Diversity and Inclusion Administrator






Diversity and Inclusion Administrator Direct Support                                      503-378-2364 ​









Katie Stewart 

Diversity and Inclusion Program Support





Multi Agency Advisory Council
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is working on the development of a multi-agency advisory  council for the diversity, equity, and inclusion work performed by the Department of Corrections. 


  Governor Kate Brown​

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion/Affirmative Action (DEI/AA) is committed to providing leadership and support to Oregon state agencies as they create a work environment that allows every individual the opportunity to reach their full potential as a state employee. Training, policies and practices are focused toward improving recruitment, retention and promotion and toward ensuring nondiscrimination toward employees protected through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulations and Oregon statutes. In addition, the DEI/AA Office oversees the development of state business policies that direct the conduct of contracting and procurement processes to eliminate bias and barriers for businesses owned by minorities, women, and veterans and emerging small businesses to provide the state with goods and services. The DEI/AA Office works with policy advisors and other agencies to increase engagement with community members across the state to ensure thatall Boards and Commissions reflect the diversity of the people of Oregon.


For more information please visit the Governor's Office Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion/Affirmative Action.


Governor's Affirmative Action Office - Bi-Monthly Top 5!

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Lunch and Learns
Effective August 7, 2017, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) will be canceling the Monthly Lunch and Learns indefinitely. Due to the decrease in D&I staff, we are unable to sustain this program at this time. We are so appreciative of all the involvement DOC has put into these presentations, both as presenters and audience. This has been such a fun and educational program and we are sad to see it go, but are hopeful that it will make way for something bigger and better. Thank you again for your participation.
Please direct all comments and questions to Katie Stewart.

DOC Tribal Relations
     The Oregon Department of Corrections has dedicated Gary Sims, the Administrator of the Office of Diversity and inclusion, as the agency's Tribal Liaison. The Tribal Liaison advises the department on matters related to native American culture within the realm of corrections. He is the point of contact for Native American Adults in Custody (AIC) and their families, and is the key contact and consultant between the department and the tribal councils.
     The Tribal Liaison is the technical advisor to department staff regarding issues related to Native American AIC and culture. The Liaison's responsibilities include:

• Establishing working relationships and communication channels through the process of consultations with the nine established tribal councils in Oregon.

• Identifying Native American cultural needs in department programs and facilities, and their impact on correctional practices and policies.

• Communicating with AICs and their families, crime victims and others who have questions or concerns about Native American culture and correctional practices.

• Providing education and awareness to corrections staff on Native American culture in relation to correctional practices.

• Establishing recruitment efforts to the Native American communities to increase Native  American staff and volunteers.

• Establishing retention efforts to maintain Native American staff and volunteers.

     The State-Tribal Public Safety Cluster meetings are chaired by DOC's Tribal Liaison as well. In this forum, Gary Sims facilitates group (cluster) meetings of Oregon's Law Enforcement Leadership from the nine federally recognized tribes and the several state agencies that are engaged in Public Safety. These agencies include but may not be limited to:
           • United States Department of Justice
           • Oregon Department of Justice
           • Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
           • Oregon Department of Corrections
           • Oregon Youth Authority
           • Oregon State Police
           • Oregon Liquor Control Commission
           • Oregon Criminal Justice Commission
           • Crime Victims Services Division
           • Youth Development Council
           • Oregon Child Development Coalition
           • State Fire Marshall
     For more information on working with Tribal Nations click here, or contact our tribal relations staff Gary Sims or Michele Malick.
Diversity & Inclusion Services
• Affirmative Action 
• Affirmative Action and Cultural Competency Training Program
• Annual Statewide Diversity Conference
• Destination 2026 – Culture
• Disability and Access Coordination 
• Disproportionate Minority Contact
• Employee Resource Groups
• Factsheets
• International Consulates
 Internship Program
 Legislative Commission on Indian Services
 Lunch and Learn Presentations
 Management Affirmative Action Training
 Oregon Advocacy Commissions
 Racial Disparity
 Staff Complaints
 State-Tribal Public Safety Cluster
 Tribal Liaison
•​ Underrepresented Community Outreach 
Annual Statewide Diversity Conference
Mark your calendars! The 2017 Annual Statewide Diversity Conference will be held September 26-27 at the Salem Convention Center.     
Information on how to attend will be sent out soon. For all questions, contact Katie Stewart
Internship Program


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is in the process of developing an internship program for the Department of Corrections. More information soon to follow. Please direct all questions to Katie Stewart.

Articles of Interest​
Harvard Implicit Test: Looking for Hidden Biases
Look to see what biases you have for or against different groups of people. Harvard Implicit Test
Understanding workplace values around the world:

Culture Card: A Guide to Build American Awareness: 
American Indian and Alaska Native Culture Card

When Generations Collide: How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work


Complaints?  Concerns?

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, in conjunction with Human Resources, will handle staff complaints of discrimination or harassment. D & I will do an initial intake meeting with the staff member who has made contact and find out what occurred and how the staff member felt about the situation. The formal complaint will be investigated by HR, while D & I consults with the staff member on how to proceed and ensure the staff member feels heard. D & I works specifically with the victim of discrimination and harassment to give the staff member a sense of restitution after they feel they have been wronged.


If you feel you have been harassed or discriminated against at the Department of Corrections, please contact our office.

Please complete the Discrimination, Harassment, and Workplace Issues Form  

Please contact:
Gary Sims, Diversity and Inclusion Administrator
2757 22nd St SE
Salem, OR 97302