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Oregon State Penitentiary Resumes Lockdown Status April 27
News Release from: Oregon Dept. of Corrections
Posted: April 27th, 2011 3:26 PM
Oregon State Penitentiary Resumes Lockdown Status April 27
The Oregon State Penitentiary was placed on full lockdown, April 27, following two additional inmate fights that took place Tuesday evening, and Wednesday morning respectively. As a precautionary measure, an institution emergency has formally been declared, enabling an agency-coordinated response.
These fights are in addition to two inmate fights that broke out Sunday, April 24, in the institution's recreation building and recreation yard, involving a total of 81 inmates.
Based on information that has been made available since Sunday, all four incidents appear to be connected with two inmate groups. A separate fight involving multiple inmates that broke out, April 13, is unrelated, however, this incident was a factor in determining to lockdown the institution.
"In order to maintain the safety and security of the institution, OSP is back on lockdown status," explained Superintendent Jeff Premo. "During this lockdown we intend to search the entire institution from top to bottom. We want to make sure we've done everything possible to prevent additional incidents from taking place."
During this full lockdown, OSP's inmates will remain in their cells for the entire day. Inmate visiting and other activities have also been cancelled. The institution will continue to provide all required services at the cell front, including sack lunches and medical services.
"We have a singular objective in this situation," Premo said, "and that's to keep our staff and the inmate population safe. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that objective is met. Right now, staff are walking and talking with inmates to keep the lines of communication open."
The following is a rundown of recent OSP inmate-fights and resulting operational modifications:
* April 24, 2011 -  At approximately 2:23 p.m., Oregon State Penitentiary staff responded to a multiple inmate fight in the institution's recreation building. Staff immediately responded to the altercations deploying chemical spray. Six inmates were escorted to disciplinary segregation.
While staff responded to the fight, several uninvolved inmates left the recreation building and began fighting on the recreation yard. Approximately 75 inmates were involved in the altercation on the recreation yard. Staff fired one warning shot and administered chemical spray to control the situation. Those inmates involved in the altercation have been segregated from general population.
* April 25, 2011 - The institution was slowly returning to normal operations.
* April 26, 2011 - As previously planned, there was no visiting due to inmate weddings taking place. All other activities involving outside guests were cancelled Tuesday. The institution was scheduled to return to normal operations beginning with the morning meal on April 27, 2011, with the exception of a modified yard schedule. Visiting was scheduled to resume on Wednesday at 7:00 a.m.
* April 26, 2011 - Two inmates engaged in a fight in the shower area at approximately 2:15 p.m. Inmates were placed in segregation. No further operational actions were taken.
* April 26, 2011 - While running the evening meal, at approximately 6:40 p.m., a fight broke in D-block. Nineteen inmates were sent to segregation. Based on this incident, the institution was returned to modified lockdown status.
* April 27, 2011 - At approximately 7:45 a.m., another fight broke in D-block involving 15 inmates; involved inmates were sent to segregation.
* April 27, 2011 - The institution has been placed on lockdown with the exception of a skeleton crew of inmates to work in the Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) laundry.
An investigation into all these incidents is ongoing.
Contact Info: All calls for additional information should be routed to ODOC Communications Manager Jeanine Hohn at 503.945.9426, or ODOC Public Affairs Administrator Jennifer Black at 503.945.9225.