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Dept. of Corr. - Recently Adopted Rules
This page contains rules that have been adopted by ODOC within the last three months, including temporary rules. Rules published by the Secretary of State are available online on a site maintained by the Oregon Secretary of State. The permanent rule compilation published by the Secretary of State are updated the first of every month.  
Earned Discharge for Offenders
These rules are necessary to implement 2013 legislation (HB 3194) that allows offenders sentenced to felony probation or to the legal and physical custody of the supervisory authority under ORS 137.124(2) to receive a reduction in the period of supervision for compliance with the terms of their supervision. These rules establish a process for granting, retracting, and restoring time credits for eligible offenders in accordance with the provisions of ORS 137.633
Effective 11/4/14
Inmate Grievance Review and Appeal System
These rule amendments are necessary to provide clarification to the process for inmates to file a grievance with the Department of Corrections.
Effective: 11/19/14
Possession and Storage of Personal Firearms for Corrections Officers at Department of Corrections Facilities
HB 4035 from the 2014 legisltive session directs the department to allow corrections officers employed by the department to possess and store a personal firearm in the officer's personal vehicle when the vehicle is parked in a department parking lot, if the department has not provided secure storage for the firearms, and the officer is present at the department in an official capacity.
Effective: 12/3/14
Periodic Reviews for Inmates Assigned to the Intensive Management Unit
These rule amendments are necessary to modify the department's process for conducting meaningful periodic reviews of inmates assigned to the Intensive Management Unit (IMU) or an IMU status cell. Other changes are necessary to reflect operational and organizational changes within the department.
Effective: 12/29/14
Utilization of the Inmate Telephone System within DOC Facilities
The department has expanded its inmate telephone system to include video interactive (VIP) calls. These temporary rules are necessary to establish policies and procedures governing the use of VIP calls and to provide clarification for the appropriate use of VIP calls. Other changes are necessary to reflect organizational and operational changes that have occurred within the department.
Effective: 1/1/15
Custody Classification Levels of Inmates in DOC Facilities
These temporary rule modifications are necessary to update the policy and procedure of the classification system for assigning inmates with the appropriate custody level, which includes utilization of the violence predictor score; clarification of escape definitions within the custody classification guide; and clarification for classification of level 5 inmates.
Effective: 1/6/15
Classification Guide
Assignment and Supervision of Inmates for Work Assignments and Unfenced Minimum Housing
These temporary rule modifications are necessary to update the policy for the assessment and assignment of inmates for work assignments and unfenced minimum housing; and to ensure these rule align with revisions to the department rules for assigning custody classification levels to inmates (OAR 291-104). Other changes are of a housekeeping nature to reflect operational and organizational changes within the agency.
Effective: 1/6/15