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Option in Lieu of Layoff
Management Service Questions
Option in Lieu of Layoff
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1. If I am in a security plus position and get bumped, can I bump someone in security if I have prior experience?
No, not through the layoff process. There is no cross bumping allowed from one union to another.
2. Could I demote into a security plus position from security if there is an open position I qualify for?
No. Not through the layoff process. There is no cross bumping allowed from one union to another.
3. If I am working in a job rotation (work-out-of-class or developmental) will I be put back into my former position before bumping begins, or do I continue in my position until I am bumped?
The layoff process is dictated by the employee’s permanent position, not the job rotation position. Management may continue to allow the employee to work at the job rotation, but the layoff process will be conducted off of the permanent position.

4. If I am bumped from my position, will I go through the layoff process or be laid off?
If you are bumped from your position you will receive a notice and go through a subsequent round of the layoff process.
5. If I receive a layoff notice and am senior in my classification, can I bump any employee in my classification in my geographic location?
No. Article 44 – Layoff Procedure, Section 5 outlines the employee’s options in lieu of layoff. However, the employee can only displace the least service credit person in the classification unless a vacancy exists.
6. Where are geographic locations for layoff defined?
  • For AFSCME Security, see Art. 44 – layoff, Section 11 (Geographic Area and Functional Unit).
  • For AFSCME Security Plus, see Art. 44 – Layoff, Section 11 (Geographic Area and Functional Unit) and Appendix A (Definition of worksite) and (Definition of Greater Salem Area).
7. If I am bumped through the layoff process can I bump into anyposition within my classification in my represented area?
Although the classification is the same, some positions require a special skill sets and licenses. If an employee is considering bumping into another position, they must be able to perform the specific requirements of the job within approximately 2 weeks, as determined by management.
8. If I am on trial service, could I be bumped and laid off?
Yes, based on your service credit score (length of time you have been with the agency) you could be bumped and potentially laid off.
9. Where can I find a copy of my contract?
The current labor contracts are listed on this webpage http://odocjobs.com/DOC/HR/hrs_labor_agree.shtml
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