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Oregon State Penitentiary Visiting Info
Visiting Hours
7 Days per Week 7:15 am to 10:15 am
12:15 pm to 3:45 pm
The last escort between visiting reception area and the visiting room is 9:40 am for the morning session and 3:10 pm for the afternoon session. 
Please note: Visiting with inmates in special housing (Disciplinary Segregation Unit, Special Management Housing, Infirmary, Mental Health Infirmary, and Death Row) has additional restrictions and requires prior scheduling. For personal visits with special housing unit inmates, please call 503-378-2597. Special housing visits are scheduled Monday through Thursday by 2:00 pm. 
Attorney and Professional Visits: Attorney and other professional visits for inmates in both general population and in all special housing units must be prescheduled.  Please call 503-378-2445 to schedule these types of visits.

When arriving for a visit please remember visitors are not to enter the Administrative building, including the outer area around the Administrative building, prior to 7:00 am for the morning visit, and not prior to 12 pm for the afternoon visit.

Parking: Visitors are reminded not to park in the visitor's parking lot prior to 6:45 am for the morning visit and 11:45 am for the afternoon visit. Visitors parking in the disability parking area are reminded not to park in the disability parking area prior to 6:45 am for the morning visit, and not prior to 11:45 am for the afternoon visit.


Minors and pets are not to be left unattended in cars or on OSP property.

Visitor Identification
When visitors arrive at the visiting reception area, they will need to show a current photo identification; such as a drivers license, military ID or passport. Parents of visiting minors 15 years of age and younger need to bring the minor's birth certificate, Social Security card, or valid school ID. Minors 16 years and older must present the same type of identification as adult visitors.
Appropriate Clothing
  • A good rule to follow is to wear conservative, conventional clothing, something that is not suggestive or skimpy. No form fitting clothing.
  • Visitors may NOT wear blue denim or any other clothing that is similar to inmate attire.  Inmates wear blue denim and light blue chambray shirts and dark navy blue t-shirts.
  • Gang related clothing is not permitted.
  • No grey camouflage clothing or black BDU pants.
  • A visitor´s dress length or shorts cannot be shorter than two (2) inches above mid knee. Wrap around skirts, halter tops, sheer clothing, and hats are not permitted.
  • All visitors must wear under garments. Women must wear a bra, but should not wear an underwire bra, as it may set off the metal detector.
  • Large amounts of metal on clothing will set off the metal detector.  Please keep metal to a minimum as this may affect your ability to pass the metal detector.
Clothing Hints
  • New visitors should bring an extra set of clothing just to be sure that they will be allowed into the institution. You may be asked to change if your clothing does not meet the guidelines. Visitors can store unused clothing in their vehicles or rent a locker for .25 cents.
  • All visitors must walk through a metal detector. Avoid wearing metal as much as possible. Metal buttons, jewelry, underwire bras and many styles of dress shoes will trigger the metal detector.
  • Examples of clothing issues that may not be allowed inside the facility are:  low cut tops, sheer clothing, form-fitting clothes that cling to a person's body (ie; yoga pants), blue clothing that resembles inmate attire, inappropriate language on clothing, spaghetti straps on tank tops, etc.
Bringing Children to a Visit
  • A letter of custodial consent will be mailed to you for all minor children who you want included in your visit. The letter must be signed and notarized and returned to the Inmate Services Unit before the children may visit. All minor children, except emancipated minors, must be accompanied by an approved adult visitor.
  • An inmate may have a total of four visitors at one time, including children, but there must be at least one adult in the visiting party.
  • An indoor play area is available for children in the OSP visiting room. All children using the play area must be supervised by the inmate.
  • Visitors are allowed to bring a clear bottle of infant formula, two diapers and a single layer blanket for infants that accompany a visit. 
  • For their safety, please watch children at all times while on OSP grounds.
  • Children and animals are not to be left unattended in vehicles or on OSP property.
Physical Contact With Inmates
  • Visitors and inmates are allowed to briefly kiss and embrace at the beginning and end of each visit. Holding hands is the only physical contact allowed during the visit. Excessive physical contact is grounds for terminating the visit. 
  • Visitors and inmates must sit across from one another with a small table separating them.
Visiting Courtesy
Since visitors come to the prison to visit with loved ones, becoming involved in other visits beyond a brief greeting is not allowed.
The Penitentiary's visiting room is a family friendly environment. 
Rest Rooms
Rest rooms in the visiting room are for the use of visitors only.
Vending Machines
  • A maximum of fifteen dollars in quarters or dollar coins is allowed in the OSP visiting room. OSP has change machines in the visiting reception area. The machines accept $1, $5, $10 and $20 denominations.
  • Inmates may eat snacks purchased from the vending machines, but only visitors may actually approach or use the machines. All items purchased must be consumed or disposed of prior to leaving the visiting room.​
Monitoring of Visits
Visits will be monitored by staff, and in some cases, by video camera. Staff may deny or stop visits when they have reason to believe that the safety or security of the institution may be jeopardized. It is important that visitors comply with all rules and staff instructions. Exercise reasonable care, common sense and good judgment in all that you do while visiting.
Point System
  • All inmates are allowed 24 visiting points per month. Each individual visit deducts points from the total allowance, including children.
  • Weekend and holiday visits deduct two points per person. A visitor may visit only once per day on a weekend or holiday; during the morning or afternoon session, but not both.
  • Weekday visits deduct one point per person per visiting session. A visitor may visit during both morning and afternoon sessions on the same day, if desired and points allow.
  • During weekday morning visiting, points are not deducted for minor children.