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Operations Administration

Operations Admin. Staff General Information

Michael Gower              Assistant Director for Operations
​Brie Griesbach              Operations Administration Executive Support Specialist
Brian Belleque              Westside Institutions Administrator
​Rebecca Fhuere            Westside Administrative Specialist
Steve Franke                Eastside Institutions Administrator
​Audra Spriet                 Eastside Administrative Support
​Steve Robbins              Health Services Administrator
​Lisa Gould                    Health Services Executive Support Specialist   
Steve Shelton, MD        Chief Medical Officer
Patrick Vance               Pharmacy Manager
Heather Villanueva        Nursing Manager
​Jana Russell                 Behavioral Health Services Administrator
Kelley Morton               Westside Policy Manager
Roberta Angelozzi         Operations Program Manager
Ellen Betker                 IWP Program Analyst
Daryl Hecht                 Operations Policy Analyst
Corey Fhuere              Transport Manager
Kent Fanger                 Food Service Administrator
Betty Hansen               Clinical Dietitian
​Cherie Greenwade       Institutions Readiness Coordinator

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Oregon's adult correctional institutions are centrally administered by the Assistant Director of Operations. Oregon's prisons are safe, civil and productive so inmates can pursue the goals specified in their corrections plans. Additionally, high-caliber staff help shape positive behavior. To hold inmates accountable for their actions, the division's responsibilities encompass prison management, health services, inmate transportation, security threat management  (gang) management, emergency preparedness, and most inmate work activities

Institutions Organizational Chart 

Operations Division Organizational Chart

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General Information

Name  Title
Michael Gower Assistant Director for Operations
​Brie Griesbach Operations Administration Executive Support Specialist
Brian Belleque Westside Institutions Administrator
​Rebecca Fhuere ​Westside Administrative Specialist
Steve Franke Eastside Institutions Administrator
​Audra Spriet ​Eastside Administrative Support
Steve Robbins Health Services Administrator
​Lisa Gould ​Health Services Executive Support Specialist
Steve Shelton, MD Chief Medical Officer
Patrick Vance Pharmacy Manager
Heather Villanueva Nursing Manager
Kelley Morton Westside Policy Manager
Roberta Angelozzi Eastside Policy Manager
Daryl Hecht Operations Policy Analyst
Corey Fhuere Transport Manager
Kelly Raths Chief of Inmate Services
Jana Russell Behavioral Health Services Administrator
Cherie Greenwade Institutions Readiness Coordinator

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