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DOC Policies - Numeric Listing
Chapter 10. Administration
10.1 General
 10.1.1Legal Assistance - Staff Access
 10.1.2 Telecommunications Communication Device Form
10.1.3Forms Control
10.1.4Energy Conservation and Recycling
 10.1.5Honor Guard
 10.1.6 State/Tribal Government to Government Relations

Chapter 20. Human Resources
20.1 Expectations of DOC Employees
 20.1.1Department Mission, Vision and Core Values
 20.1.2Code of Ethics
 20.1.3Code of Conduct
 20.1.4Compliance with the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968
 20.1.5Essential Functions of DPSST Certifiable Positions
 20.1.6Dress Code

20.2 Employee Compensation
 20.2.1Merit Pay System
 20.2.2Pay Practices
 20.2.3Pay Differentials
 20.2.4Fair Labor Standards Act
 20.2.6Employee Relocation Allowance

20.3 Position Classification and Management
 20.3.1Position Management
 20.3.2Position Management, Reclassification & Establishment
 20.3.3Effect of Position Classification Change on Incumbents
20.3.4PERS Police Officer Designation
 20.3.5Exceptions to Hay Evaluated Salary

20.4 Filling Positions
 20.4.1Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmation Action
 20.4.2Applicants for DOC Position with Prior Criminal Convictions
 20.4.3Types and Order of Applicant Lists
 20.4.4Use of Applicant Lists
 20.4.5Recruitment and Selection Process
 20.4.6Types of Appointments to DOC Positions
 20.4.7Trial Service Period
 20.4.8Appointment to the Executive Service
 20.4.9Temporary Appointment
20.4.9    Form - Conditions of Temporary Appointment PD412
 20.4.9     Form - Temporary Appointment Extension PD412A
 20.4.10Direct Appointment
 20.4.11Alternate Methods of Filling Positions

20.5 Human Resources Management
 20.5.1Management Authority and Accountability for a Participatory Work Environment
 20.5.2Emergency Staff Services and Critical Incident Trauma Management
 20.5.3Performance Management Program
 20.5.4Recognition and Awards
 20.5.4 Recognition and Awards Attachments
20.5.5Job Rotation
20.5.6Telework (Telecommuting) 
 20.5.7Management Service Layoff/Removal
 20.5.8Restoration of Removed Management Service Employees
 20.5.9Restoration of Terminated Executive Service Employees
 20.5.10At Will Employment
 20.5.11Employee Time Reporting and Payroll Process
 20.5.12Maintenance and Access to Employee Records
 20.5.13Employment References
 20.5.14Family Relationships
 20.5.15Identification Cards
20.5.15   Form - Functional Unit ID Card Coordinator Agreement (CD 1416)
 20.5.15    Form - Retirement ID (CD 1535)
 20.5.16ADA and Reasonable Accommodation
20.5.17Management and Injured Workers
20.5.18Drug and Alcohol Testing of Employees
 20.5.19Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing of Employees Having CDL
20.5.20Support of Employee´s Work and Family Needs
 20.5.21Strike Contingency Planning
 20.5.22Commercial Driver License Management

20.6 Workplace and Safety Management
 20.6.1Promotion and Maintenance of a Respectful Workplace
 20.6.2Drug-Free Workplace
 20.6.3Smoke-Free Workplace
 20.6.4Safe Employment/Workplace
 20.6.5Safety Committee
 20.6.6Fire Safety and Evacuation Drill
 20.6.7Blood Borne Pathogens
 20.6.7     Attachments
 20.6.7     Form - Offer/Declination of Hep B Vaccination (CD1398)
 20.6.7     Form - Supervisor's Report of Employees Duties (CD1401)
 20.6.7     Form - Post-Exposure Follow-up Checklist (CD1402)
 20.6.7     Form - Hep B Vaccination Program Medical Report (CD1403)
 20.6.7     Form - Healthcare Provider's Written Opinion (CD 1404)
 20.6.8Hazard Communication Program
 20.6.9Respiratory Protection
 20.6.10Vehicle Use and Reporting of Accidents
 20.6.11Confined Space and Permit Confined Space
 20.6.12Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
 20.6.12     Form - Lockout/Tagout Machine and Equipment Survey (CD1393)
 20.6.12     Form - Lockout/Tagout Machine Engergy Control Pro (CD1394)
 20.6.12     Form - Annual Energy Control Procedure Inspection (CD1395)
 20.6.13Powered Industrial Trucks
 20.6.14Violence - Free Workplace
 20.6.15Personal Protective Equipment
 20.6.16  Automatic ExternalDefibrillator
 20.6.17 EAIP Funds
 20.6.18 Wellness Policy

20.7 Employee Training and Development
 20.7.1Staff Training and Development
 20.7.2Orientation Programs
 20.7.3Annual In-Service Training Programs
 20.7.4Leadership and Professional Development Program
 20.7.5DPSST Training

20.8 Employee Leave
 20.8.1Sick Leave with Pay
 20.8.2Vacation Leave
 20.8.3Special Leaves with Pay
 20.8.4Family and Medical Leave
 20.8.5Alternative Leave Provisions
 20.8.6Leave without Pay
20.8.8Temporary Interruption of Employment

20.9 Discipline, Termination and Grievance
 20.9.1Management Service Discipline, Dismissal/Removal
 20.9.3Management Service Grievance Review

Chapter 30. Business and Finance
30.1 Accounting - Internal Control and Processing
 30.1.1Accounting - Control of Funds
 30.1.2Checks, Warrants and Vouchers (Issuance)
 30.1.3Receipting, Securing and Depositing Funds
30.1.4 Delegation of Expenditure Authority
 30.1.4     Form - Delegation of Expenditure Authority (CD 1439)
 30.1.5 Customer Credit Card Payment

30.2 Property - Receiving and Inventory
 30.2.1Fixed Assets
 30.2.2Warehouse Operations
 30.2.3 Employee Assigned Assets

30.3 Purchasing
 30.3.1Food Services Operations Procedurement
 30.3.2Small Purchase Order Transaction System (SPOTS) Card Program
 30.3.2Small Purchase Order Transaction System (SPOTS) Card Application

30.4 Travel
 30.4.1Travel and Employee Reimbursement
 30.4.2Out-of-State Travel Authorization
 30.4.3Corporate Travel Charge Card (Diners Club)

30.5 Budget
 30.5.1Fiscal Accountability
 30.5.2Emergency Board Requests

Chapter 40. Institutions
40.1 Security and Control
 40.1.1Escorting of Inmates 
 40.1.2Keys and Locks 
 40.1.4Operations Division Peer Audits 
 40.1.5Bomb Threats/Suspected Bomb Threats 
 40.1.6Unusual Incident Reporting Process 
40.1.7Post Orders 
40.1.8Critical Incident 
40.1.9Wearing of Puncture Resistant Vest
 40.1.10 OC Spray - General Population 
  40.1.11  Dry Cell Status
 40.1.12  Conflict Management 
 40.1.13  Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) 
40.1.13  Prison Rape Elimination Act Attachments 
 40.1.14  Planned Use of Force for Inmates Designated as MH3  
 40.1.15 Cellular Phone Chit System 

40.2 General
 40.2.1Staff Deployment System
 40.2.1 ISDS Data Management Procedural Requirements
40.2.2Officer-of-the-Day Selection Criteria and Training
 40.2.3Canteen Operations
 40.2.4Sale of Meal Tickets
 40.2.5Victim Notification of Immediate Release
 40.2.6 Wildland Fire Crew Deploy & Management Process 
40.2.6Wildland Fire Crew Deploy & Management Process - Attachment 7
 40.2.7 Determining County of Residence 
 40.2.8 Security Staffing Standards and Maintenance 
40.2.9 Blank
 40.2.10Consular Notification and Access

40.3 Population Management
 40.3.1Special Population Managment Committee
40.3.2Capacity Management
 40.3.3Administrative Housing Placement
  40.3.3 Administrative Housing Placement form

Chapter 50. Community Corrections
50.1 General
 50.1.2 Authorization to Carry Firearms (Parole and Probation Officers)
 50.1.3 Electronic Immobilizing Devices (Parole and Probation Officers)
 50.1.4 Volunteer Services/Student Interns - Community Corrections
 50.1.4      Form - Volunteer / Student Intern Application (CD 1494)
 50.1.4      Form - Ride-Along Liability Release Form (CD 1446)

Chapter 60. Information Systems
60.1 General
 60.1.1Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Systems
 60.1.2 Electronic Mail, Internet Usage and Computer Investigations 
 60.1.3 Information Technology Asset Management 
 60.1.4 Information Security
 60.1.5 Information Security Awareness
60.1.6 Information Security Incident Response
 60.1.6    Form - Information Security Incident Report (CD1581)
 60.1.6    Form - Information Security Incident Supervisor Checklist (CD1580)

Chapter 70. Inspections
70.1 Investigations, Evidence and Escapes
 70.1.1Escape Notification
 70.1.2All Points Bulletins and Arrest Warrants
 70.1.3Criminal Evidence Handling
70.1.4   Investigations Decision Chart
 70.1.5  Use of Electronic Surveillance Devices

70.2 Rules, Policies and Procedures
 70.2.1Directives Writing/Rewriting Process

70.3 Audits
 70.3.1Internal Audit Charter
 70.3.2 Audits Charter Committee 

Chapter 80. Inmate Work Programs
80.1 General
 80.1.1 Inmate Work Programs Operating Within Intitutions

Chapter 90. Correctional Programs
90.1 General
 90.1.1Oregon Corrections Plan
 90.1.2End of Life Care
 90.1.3 Correctional Case Management

90.2.2 Religious Services
 90.2.1Searches of Dreadlocks
90.2.2Searches of Medicine Bags
90.2.3 Religious Property Approved for Volunteers to Bring Into Institutions
 90.2.4 Religious Property (Inmate)
 90.2.4 Religious Property (Inmate) Attachments
90.2.5 Christian Science Health Assistance
 90.2.6 Volunteers/Student Interns