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Payment plan FAQs
  1. How do I know if you have my current address?
    It is best to call us at 503-945-8200. Our hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  2. What are qualifying accounts?
    Any assessed personal income tax debt existing on your account.

  3. What debt is not eligible for an online payment plan?
    Bankruptcy, non assessed tax debt, deficiency, accounts with an outside collection agency, and/or non-income tax debt. If one of these applies to you please give us a call. We may still be able to help you in person.

  4. Why is my "How much do I owe?" balance bigger than what shows in my "Payment plan" total?
    There are a few rare cases where the totals on the two tools don't match. Most of those cases are because you have outstanding debt (or "liabilities") that do not qualify for the online payment plan program at that time. For example, if you file your previous tax year return and owe $500, if that total hasn't made it through all of our internal processes and made it into the "assessed" state, it will not show up in the payment plan total. You can check the website again later or contact Taxpayer Services if your balances are not the same.

  5. What if I need to make more than 12 payments?
    You will need to fill out our financial statement form and send it in for us to review.

  6. I set up recurring electronic payments through Value Payments System or US Bank. Is this a payment plan set up through DOR?
    No. When you set up a payment plan through Dept. of Revenue, you receive a letter confirming your payment plan with DOR and payment coupons (unless you request not to receive them).

  7. What if I want 4 payments and they only offer 3 or 6?
    We only offer the 3, 6, 9, and 12 month options online. If you would like to set up payments for a different length of time, please call us at 503-945-8200.

  8. What if I can't make a payment on time?
    Please call before your payment due date at 503-945-8200.

  9. What if I don't receive my coupons in time for my first payment?
    Your payment is still due. You can send in a payment with a payment voucher, make a one-time payment online, or give us a call to make your payment over the phone.