Oregon Department of Revenue

Below are lists of the top 50 delinquent taxpayers for the personal income tax and income tax withholding programs (ORS 305.120). We've tried to resolve these debts using other collection methods. Before posting this information, we notified each taxpayer and gave them another opportunity to pay their debt.

The information in these lists comes from tax warrants. The ranking is based on the total, or docketed, amount shown on the tax warrants, which may not reflect the current balance of these accounts.

We don't post information about delinquent taxpayers who meet any of the following criteria:

  • They've entered into a payment plan and are making all scheduled payments.
  • They've filed for bankruptcy protection.
  • They have an open appeal on the debt.
  • A warrant for the debt isn't recorded in a county.
  • We have suspended collections action on their debt.

If you or your business is shown here, we encourage you to contact us to make payment arrangements. We'll remove you from the list within 10 business days if you pay the tax in full or make payment arrangements with us.

Contact us:

Personal income tax
(503) 945-8200, option 2
  Withholding and payroll tax
(503) 945-8100, option 3

Top 50 delinquent individuals

Top 50 delinquent businesses