Revenue Online

What is Revenue Online?

Revenue Online is a secure online portal that provides access to your tax account at any time. The advantages of using Revenue Online include:

  • Manage your personal income tax account.
  • File returns with fewer errors - forms automatically calculate and verify information.
  • Make payments or schedule future payments.
  • View and print correspondence from us.
  • File a power of attorney.
  • Request a penalty waiver.

What taxes does it support?

  • Personal income taxes.
  • Transit self-employment taxes.
  • Deferral program.
  • Emergency communications (E911) taxes.
  • Cigarette and tobacco taxes.
  • Corporate excise and income taxes.
  • Amusement Device.
  • Combined Payroll.
  • Hazardous Substance Fee.
  • Lane Transit Payroll.
  • Marijuana Tax.
  • Petroleum Load Fee.
  • State Lodging.
  • TriMet Transit Payroll.
  • Withholding.

We're adding new tax programs every year. Check back for updates.


Browser requirements

These browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome version 11 or higher.
  • Internet Explorer version 8.0 or higher.
  • Mozilla Firefox version 4.0 or higher.
  • Opera version 11.0 or higher.
  • Safari version 5.0 or higher.

We recommend using the latest browser version. Visit to find your browser version or to download the most recent version.

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