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Multi-Discipline Certification
Where can I find the rules to Multi-discipline certification?
The rules for multi-discipline certification can be found under OAR 259-008-0060(17).

How do I request to be certified in more than one discipline?
The department head of your employing agency must make a written request to DPSST to allow you to become certified in more than one discipline simultaneously. The request must show that a justified and demonstrated need exists for the efficient operation of the employing agency.

What does it take to get certified in more than one discipline?
If DPSST approves the request for multi-discipline certification, the applicant must meet and complete all the requirements to become basic certified in the new discipline. This requirement may include completion of basic training in the new discipline, obtaining and passing a physical examination, completion of a field training manual in the new discipline, a current first aid/CPR card, and submission of a Form F-7.

When I am certified in more than one discipline, what is required of me?
Being granted certification in more than one discipline requires individuals to submit a certain amount of maintenance training in each discipline (on a Form F-16) by July 1st of each year. Emergency medical dispatchers must report 4 hours of maintenance training; telecommunicators must report 12 hours of training, and all other disciplines report 20 hours of training each year. The training must be completed in the period from July 1 through June 30 of the year prior to the July 1 filing deadline. The training may be used for more than one discipline if the content is specific to each discipline.

What happens if I don't meet the maintanence requirement?
Failure to complete or report the required maintenance training by the July 1st deadline shall result in the recall of the multi-discipline certification.

What does a recall mean?
DPSST notifies the department head and the certification holder that the individual’s certification is not active until such time at the training is reported.

How do I become recertified into multi-discipline status following a recall?
In order for a certificate holder to again be certified in more than one discipline after a recall, the individual’s department head must submit documentation of compliance with the maintenance training requirements and justification why training was not completed when due. The individual may then reapply for a single or multi-discipline certification.

If I have questions about multi-discipline certification/maintenance, whom can I contact at DPSST?
For Certification requirements: Contact Jennifer Howald, 503-378-2353 or by email at jhowald@state.or.us
For Multi-discipline Maintenance contact:  Marie Gueths, at 503-378-2318,or by email at marie.gueths@state.or.us.