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How to Apply for a Permit
There are four types of permits available to conduct work in waters of the state:
Individual Permits (IPs) are issued for projects that:
  • Have more than minimal adverse effects to waterways and wetlands
  • Are more complicated and often involve more than one removal-fill activity
  • May involve a substantial mitigation obligation
  • Do not qualify for any of the General Authorizations or General Permits
IP applicants use the Joint Permit Application. The processing timeline is up to 120 days.
General Authorizations (GAs) are an expedited process for nine specific types of removal-fill activities that have minimal adverse effects on wetlands and waterways:
  • Certain Minimal Disturbance Activities within Essential Salmon Habitat (ESH)
  • Piling Placement and Removal within ESH
  • Temporary Impacts to Non-Tidal Wetlands
  • Waterway Bank Stabilization
  • Certain Transportation-Related Activities
  • Removing and Disposing of Sediment Behind Tidegates and within Hydraulically Closed Perimeters
  • Waterway Habitat Restoration
  • Wetland Ecosystem Restoration
  • Recreational Placer Mining
GA applicants use the General Authorization Notification Form. The processing timeline is up to 30 days.
General Permits (GPs) authorize a group of activities that are substantially similar in nature, recurring or ongoing, and have predictable effects and outcomes. There are currently three GPs available for use by the public:
  • Transportation-Related Structures
  • Minor Removal-Fill Impacts to Certain Non-Tidal Wetlands
  • Impacts to Vernal Pool Wetlands and Other Waters of the State in Jackson County, Oregon
GP applicants use the Joint Permit Application. The processing timeline is up to 40 days.
Emergency Permits (EPs) are rapid-approval authorizations for emergencies that pose a direct threat to human health, safety or substantial property, and where prompt removal-fill action is required to address the threat.
EP applicants use the Emergency Permit Application. Approval is given as quickly as possible in emergency situations. 
Removal-Fill Guide: Chapter 5 – How to Apply for a Permit

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