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Removal-Fill Guide
Removal-Fill Guide
The Removal-Fill Guide is designed to help applicants understand the process, timelines and other important topics related to the Department of State Lands' administration of Oregon's Removal-Fill Law. It is organized into nine chapters:
Chapter 1: Working with the Aquatics Resource Management Program 
Chapter 2: When is a Permit Required?
Chapter 3: What Activities are Exempt?
Chapter 4: Planning Ahead
Chapter 5: How to Apply for a Permit
Chapter 6: Processing the Removal-Fill Permit Application
Chapter 7: Emergency Permits
Chapter 8: Compensatory Mitigation Planning for Wetlands and Tidal Waters 
Chapter 9: Monitoring the Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Site
The guide addresses existing laws and rules governing removal-fill activities in Oregon, and provides practical tips for complying with Department of State Lands' regulations. It explains agency practices, but does not take the place of, or override regulations. The reader is cautioned to consult agency regulations first, and to rely on this guide to help understand those regulations and complete permit applications. Consultation with agency staff early in the project's development is strongly encouraged. 
Removal-Fill Guide May 2013 (1.9 Mb) pdf
To navigate the document more easily, be sure to turn on “bookmarks” in Adobe Reader.
Please note: The guide is intended to be a living document. Updates are made on at least a twice yearly basis. If you print or save this guide to your own computer, be sure to periodically check this website to make sure you are using the most recent version of the guide.  The current version date is posted on the lower left corner of the Guide cover page.  

Your input is important. Please e-mail your comments on the Removal-Fill Guide to: R-F Guide Comments

Other Helpful Resources

Routine Monitoring Guidance
This guidance provides a standard way to collect data and report the results for wetland mitigation monitoring. The guidance includes the routine performance standards, sampling methods, data handling and sample size determination for many wetland types. The summary statistic and sample size workbook (Microsoft Excel) is provided courtesy of the Oregon Chapter of the Nature Conservancy.   
Routine Monitoring Guidance
Sample Size Workbook
Nov 18 2009 Wetland Mitigation Monitoring Presentation
Mitigation Reporting Spreadsheet Template
Sample Mitigation Reporting Spreadsheet
Mitigation Report Cover Sheet 
State Water-Related Permits User Guide
The State Water-Related Permits User Guide is a document that provides information on water related permits that might be required from other state agencies, including DSL.      
Wetland Delineation Information
If your project involves removal or fill in wetlands, a DSL-approved wetland delineation report will likely be necessary to complete the processing of your removal-fill permit application. DSL advises that you prepare and submit the wetland delineation report in advance of submitting your application. More information on wetland delineation requirements and consulting services is on the DSL wetlands page.


Stream Mitigation Guidance
This guidance provides an overview of functions and attributes of streams. Applicants should use this guidance to evaluate the effects of proposed impacts when working in streams, and to describe how proposed mitigation will provide replacement. This guidance will be integrated as a separate chapter of the Removal-Fill Guide at a future date.

Stream Mitigation Guidance
Development of a Streambank Mitigation Framework in Oregon​


DSL Permitting Assistance
Aquatic Resource Coordinators​, who are assigned to counties, will provide information on Oregon's removal-fill law, and help determine if a project requires a permit. They also can discuss mitigation options, and refer you to other resources, including consultants that routinely prepare permit applications.