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Estuaries Feature Series
About the articles
Estuaries provide habitat for many fish, such as salmon.
Estuaries provide habitat for many fish, such as salmon.
A series of 54 articles, the Estuaries Feature Series cover topics from estuarine ecology to cultural influences on the estuary. 
The text and images were produced with a grant from the Sanctuaries and Reserves Division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Thanks to Ken Oberrecht for research and text development and Joyce Bergen for illustrations.

The Causes of Tides
Types of Tides and Tidal Currents
Using the Tides and Tide Tables


Oregon´s Bay Clams
Harvesting Bay Clams

Types of Estuaries
Classification of Estuaries
Regional Differences Among Estuaries

Estuarine Dependence
Estuaries as Nurseries
Estuarine Dependence

Litter Litter Everywhere
Plastics Threaten the Marine Environment
The Ballooning Problem of Plastic Litter
How Estuaries are Polluted
Effects of Pulp-Mill Effluents
The Effects of Sewage on Estuaries
Oil Pollution in Estuaries
Nonpoint-Source Pollution
The Estuary as Pollution Trap and Filter

Monsters of the Estuary
How Sturgeon Depend on Estuaries

Geological Time Capsule, Part I
Geological Time Capsule, Part II
Geological Time Capsule, Part III
The Geology of Coos Bay

Continental Drift
The Theory of Continental Drift
The Theory of Plate Tectonics
Plate Tectonics at Work

Life in the Estuary
Food Chains and Food Webs
Estuarine Food Chains and Webs
Salmon in the Estuary
Waterfowl on the Estuary

Sediment Transport and Deposition
Mixing Fresh and Salt Water
Aquaculture in Oregon´s Estuaries
Altering the Estuary
Marsh Succession
Global Warming
The Effects of Global Warming
The Effects of Rising Sea Levels

Cultural History
Prehistoric Settlement on Coos Bay
Indian Settlement on Coos Bay
How Indians Used Coos Bay
Pioneer Settlement on Coos Bay
Industrial Settlement on Coos Bay

Seasonal Influences
Spring on the Estuary 
Summer on the Estuary
Autumn on the Estuary
Winter on the Estuary

Conservation Topics
Nature Study for Beginners
Non-Consumptive Uses of the Estuary
Having a Wetland as a Neighbor
Wetland Restoration and Creation
The Nation´s Imperiled Estuaries
Romancing the Estuary