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About Us
The Oregon Employment Department
Support Business - Promote Employment
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Mission Statement and Guiding Principles
  • Support economic stability for Oregonians and communities during times of unemployment through the payment of unemployment benefits.
  • Serve businesses by recruiting and referring the best qualified applicants to jobs, and provide resources to diverse job seekers in support of their employment needs.
  • Develop and distribute quality workforce and economic information to promote informed decision making.
  • Provide access to child care that is safe, high quality, and affordable.
Our Guiding Principles
How OED behaves and conducts business is crucial to the success of the department and the entire workforce system.  Working with customers, partners, stakeholders and advisors, OED commits to the following guiding principles:

Openness, trust and integrity –  Set high ethical and professional standards at all times.  Build and maintain relationships based on honesty, respect, fairness and a commitment to open dialogue and transparency.

Quality with agility – Be passionate about de-livering quality information and service. Strive to replicate success, learn from mistakes and actively pursue creative approaches that lead to continuous improvement and innovation. Be flexible and nimble, responding quickly to changing economic needs.

Delighting the customer – Identify the needs of Oregonians and provide uncompromising service with efficiency, accountability and a helpful attitude. Find what we can do to overcome barriers and help our customers, rather than focusing on what cannot be done. Remember that coworkers are customers too.

Teamwork with responsibility – Encourage individual ownership and effort, but work as a team, valuing the expertise, insights, individual-ity and contribution of all colleagues. Under-stand that we are funded by taxpayers and have a relentless responsibility to provide value to Oregonians every day.

Humor, fulfillment and inclusion – Cultivate a safe, healthy, family-friendly work environment that encourages personal growth and provides opportunities for everyone to succeed. Em-brace humor as a vital part of workplace cul-ture, and honor the desire to do meaningful and satisfying work.  Allow the diversity of our staff, customers and stakeholders to enhance the service we provide to the people of Oregon.

Annual Performance Measures

The Employment Department was created in 1993. The department is an active partner in the development of the state's workforce. The mission of the Employment Department is to promote employment of Oregonians through developing a diversified, multi-skilled workforce, promoting quality child care, and providing support during periods of unemployment. Through 47 offices across the state, the department serves job seekers and employers by helping workers find suitable employment; providing qualified applicants for employers; supplying statewide and local labor market information; and providing unemployment insurance benefits to workers temporarily unemployed through no fault of their own. The Employment Department's Child Care Division promotes and regulates child care. The department offers a number of services. It serves employers through timely recruitment of a qualified workforce, customizing state and local labor market information for use as a business planning tool, and by offering job-matching services based on the need of each employer. Labor market economists and research analysts identify major workforce policy areas that require additional research and present their findings and ideas for solutions to decision makers. Statewide, regional, and local economic information is prepared for use by employers, community leaders, and policy makers. The department helps job seekers find jobs that match their skills and employers' needs, provides them with up-to-date information about trends in occupations and skills needed for success in the job market, and works with other agencies to direct them to appropriate training programs and job experiences.
Business Recruiting Services
Job Finding Assistance
Unemployment Insurance
Quality Information for Informed Business Decisions