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Key Report Terms and Phrases:
Additional Benefits (AB)
Additional benefit programs which extend the length of the claim based on the claimant’s eligibility and the economic climate.

Additional Claim
A claim for benefits where a break in reporting has occurred due to the claimant having hours or earnings in the week(s) greater than their weekly benefit amount.

Combined Wage Claim (CWC/IB1)
A claim for benefits where the claimant has hours or earnings in two or more states.

Continued Weeks Claimed
Also "Weeks Claimed"
Once a claim for benefits has been established, claimants must claim each week they are unemployed and certify their eligibility for benefits.

Covered Employment
Also "Subject Employment"
Employment subject to the state’s unemployment insurance laws.  A portion of the tax paid by employers goes to pay for Unemployment Insurance benefits and program administration.

Also "Employment and Training Administration"
Reports titled “ETA” are required federal reports.  This data is available only at the statewide level.  For more information on the ETA, visit: http://www.doleta.gov/.

Initial Claim
For the purposes of Unemployment Insurance statistical reports, Initial Claims are equal to New Claims plus Additional Claims.  For definitions of New Claims and Additional Claims, see New Claims and/or Additional Claims.

Labor Force/Unemployment Rate
This information is complied by the Workforce and Economic Research Division.  More information can be found at www.QualityInfo.org.

Monetary Eligibility
To qualify for a claim for benefits in Oregon on a monetary basis, a claimant must have $1000 in earnings in the base period and earnings equal to 1.5 times the high quarter in the base period.  If the claimant does not meet the above, they can qualify by having 500 hours in subject employment.

New Claim
A new claim for benefits established in the current benefit year by an individual.  The individual may have had prior benefit claim(s) which have expired.

Also "Non-Monetary Determinations and Redeterminations"
If a claimant is found to be monetarily eligible for a claim (sufficient wages/hours in the base year to qualify), the claim must be examined for non-monetary eligibility.  These determinations relate the reasons for the claimant’s separation and their continued eligibility for benefits.  The statistics on nonmonetary determinations relate to the number of these decisions the Employment Department makes.

UI Pub
Non-federally required reports compiled for additional information and local detail on unemployment insurance activities in Oregon.

Benefit Extensions
For additional information on benefit extension terms used in Unemployment Insurance reports, see Benefit Extensions.

Special Programs
For additional information on special program terms used in Unemployment Insurance reports, see Special Programs.

Unemployment Insurance Rates
For additional information on Unemployment Insurance rate terms used in Unemployment Insurance reports, see Unemployment Insurance Rates.