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Contracts and Procurement Information
How to do Business with OED
Price Agreements
The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) establishes price agreements for use by all state agencies, boards, and commissions for commonly goods and services.  All purchases of these items must be made through the specific price agreement vendor.  Current price agreements may be viewed by visiting the DAS website.

Contracts $5,000 or less
The Employment Department can contract for goods or services valued at $5,000 or less without obtaining competitive quotes.  Many commonly purchased items are available from the state's price agreements and are purchased through Work Order Contracts.
Flowchart for Contracts $5,000 or less

Contracts greater than $5,000 up to $150,000
Goods and services within this dollar range can be procured using an informal solicitation process, formal Request for Proposals, or an Invitation to Bid depending on the type of goods or services needed.  All solicitations over $5,000 up to $150,000 are posted on the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN).
Flowchart for Contracts over $5,000 and up to $150,000 

Contracts greater than $150,000
Unless exempted for or delegated by DAS to the Employment Department, all contracts exceeding $150,000 require a formal solicitation process conducted by DAS.  All solicitations over the $150,000 range are posted on the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN).
Flowchart for Contracts over $150,000 

All Current Solicitations over $5,000
To view current Employment Department bidding opportunities, please visit the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) web site.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is ORPIN?
A:  The Oregon Procurment Information Network (ORPIN) is the state's public notice database for state agencies and local governments to publish all solicitations over $5,000.
Q:  How do I know when a solicitation is out for bid?
A:  You may subscribe to and frequently check the ORPIN website or pay $100 annually to have notifications sent to your registered primary contact e-mail address.
Q:  How do I get on the bidders list?
A:  Potential vendors can register with the ORPIN system by commodity and/or location.
Q:  How can I submit bids? 
A:  For the Employment Department only, you may submit by fax, email, physically drop off, or electronically submit via ORPIN.  If the submission requirements are limited, the options will be listed under the 'Response/Bid' section of the Solicitation document.
Q:  How long will it take for the Agency to make a decision and select a proposal?  Depending on the type of bid, reference responses, and mandatory requirements check, the decision can be made approximately 30 days after the bid closes.
Q:  Will the Agency be able to lower the state Insurance Requirements?
A:  Most contracts will be executed with at least the minimum state insurance requirements.  Some contracts require a risk analysis which may result in either higher or lower insurance requirements.  Contractors should work with their Contract Administrator and procurement staff to determine the appropriate insurance requirements.
Q:  May I ask a question any time during the bid? 
A:  No, there is a limited question period which is listed in the Solicitation document.
Q:  Can you help me understand the bid process?
A:  The best resource for understanding how the bid process works for state solicitations can be found here:
Q:  Do I need to complete a criminal background check on my employees?
A:  When a contractor receives an 'Intent to Award' letter will be notified after bid or proposal closure of the requirements related to criminal background checks and information confidentiality.
Q:  How do I get on the state price agreement list(s)?
A:  Locat the Contract Officer responsible for the particular price agreement and let them know you would like to be invited to bid or submit a proposal on the next solicitation for the particular goods or services needed.  Contractors cannot be 'added' to price agreements without participating in a formal solicitation process.
Q:  What goods or services are being procured by the Employment Department?
A:  Information on the different types of goods and services is constantly changing.  All opportunities to provide goods or servicees can be found on the ORPIN system, either by a specific agency or statewide.
Q:  Are bonds required to perform services for the state?
A:  Bonds are generally only required for Public Improvement and Public Works contracts.  If bonds are required, the solicitation documents will include the amounts and types of bonds required.

3 percent Withholding Info
The federal 3 percent (3%) Required Withholding was repealed on November 21, 2011.  The repeal means the state no longer has the requirement to withhold 3 percent federal tax on certain vendor payments.  The State Financial Mananement System (SFMS) has added the repeal information to their website at:   SFMS Website 
The information will be available for the next several months in case agencies or vendors have questions.  
(Posted 2/24/12)

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