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The 1-2-3 of iMatchSkills
Larry Campa - MegAvail
Larry Campa - MegAvail
Larry Campa has over 20 years experience in sales. Larry needed a job – but not just any job – he wanted to harness his over two decades in sales into the right position with the right company. Larry had heard of the hot new Internet application iMatchSkills. Using iMatchSkills made Larry’s job search as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Larry got on the site, entered his skills and the areas of the state where he wanted to work and clicked “Match To Jobs.” Larry had plenty of options to choose from.
2. Larry also visited the offices of the WorkSource Oregon Employment Department, networking with the staff.
3. And Larry came back often to iMatchSkills. “I surfed it at least twice a day because new postings would always come up.”
“I thought the iMatchSkills was great. As far as getting on the Internet and matching to skills that was certainly a big plus in my direction!”

 Pablo Safronchek
 Pablo Safronchik - MegAvail
Meanwhile, Pablo Safronchik, President of MegAvail, needed to find a sales representative – and not just anyone, but a person with drive who matched the specific skills of his opening. MegAvail is an advertising company that places ads in cable systems around the county and reaches up to 10 million people.
Pablo also had heard of iMatchSkills (a part of WorkSource Oregon) – in fact, he’d used it before to find qualified candidates. Pablo entered the skills required for his sales opening and up popped none other than Larry Campa.
So Larry came to work for Pablo – a perfect match thanks to iMatchSkills.
“It’s a very painless process. Use of the Internet is ideal from the perspective that it doesn’t take long to post a job.”
Pablo added: “WorkSource Oregon allows our organization to stay focused on our primary responsibilities. We know there is a level of trust between our two organizations from the perspective that when we fill out a request for a new employee, we know that we are going to get quality candidates. Candidates that have skills that match our needs.”
iMatchSkills is the award-winning application from the WorkSource Oregon Employment Department. It is very unique in that it matches openings to candidates based on the skills they possess, not just the jobs they’ve worked. It is very flexible and allows employers to set the level of contact they want from candidates. You can even use the system in conjunction with one of our professional business or account representatives who can pre-screen candidates.
For the jobseeker, looking for work through iMatchSkills means you have a better chance of finding an opening you qualify for – simplifying the job hunting process and making your search more productive.
iMatchSkills is available 24/7 at www.WorkingInOregon.org.
Larry has a great new career and Pablo found the right person for the job. For Pablo, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:
“There are many other providers that are out there. However, you will not find an organization that is #1 committed to providing quality candidates, #2 committed to making the process as pain free and seamless to the employer as possible, and finally, #3 an organization where there is no cost to the employer. You cannot take those three items and find them in any other organization that provides this type of service.”