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Opportunity Knocks
Organization discovers better way to recruit the help they need
Darrel Wilson
Darrel Wilson, Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon
Darrel Wilson directs the Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon – providing employment, and care for persons with disabilities. It’s tough work with long hours and on weekends and holidays.
Finding qualified applicants for his positions is difficult. In the past, Darrel put ads in the local newspaper. His experience was less than satisfactory.
“That’s something we have done historically by running an ad then taking endless phone calls, only a few of which will hit pay dirt.”
Recently Darrel rediscovered a pre-paid service that takes the pain out of recruiting – WorkSource Oregon.
“The whole process of advertising, screening, all the selecting, interviewing – is very time consuming. I don’t think most business know how much time it takes. If you get the right people at the right time then that is a very significant support for your business.”
And it’s that support that WorkSource Oregon provides.
“We have a seen a real interest in our business. They have been out so they can learn our programs so they can do a better job in matching.”
And how’s it working?
“We’re getting the best matches that we’ve historically seen.”
Darrel has been so successful working with the staff at WorkSource Oregon that he’s made a major change in the way he recruits.
“Historically we’ve advertised in the local paper. We weren’t getting any response at all from our ad in the Bulletin. But we’ve continued to get a steady stream of people who ware reasonably qualified referred to us through WorkSource Oregon. We cancelled our newspaper ad because it was costing us money and we weren’t getting anything out of it.”
WorkSource Oregon finds out what kinds of skills Darrel is looking for, advertises those openings to the largest group of skilled workers in the state – then pre-screens candidates so that Darrel can interview the best of the best.
“If you get qualified people you can jump right to interviewing rather than advertising and jawing on the phone and everything else. WorkSource Oregon people are doing the matching function, then that’s a direct savings to us.”
Anything to add, Darrel?
“If you haven’t tried or you haven’t tried recently I’d suggest try again because it’s my belief that WorkSource Oregon is a statewide effort to better support Oregon communities by getting people in the jobs they need.”
If you would like to hear how one of our Business Representatives can learn about your business, then provide excellent matching for your recruitment needs – click HERE  to find a WorkSource Oregon Center near you.

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